Program is no longer operating
Mrs. Raimondi passed away in September 19, 2020
Lesson Plans are still available



Dana Raimondi with her 2 daughters and grandchildren.  Bob Wieckowski, State Senator helped us celebrate her kind contribution to the children of Fremont.

The Dana Raimondi Math Program  started in 2007 to  provide lower achieving students in Fremont, California access to math programs that will allow students to excel.  Dana Raimondi's yearly donation funds is now used to work with Fremont Unified School District, California schools to provide a hands-on method of teaching students in the sixth grade the importance of  algebraic concepts that students now need to take starting in the 8th grade.   The lessons are on our website for all to use.  This fund also helps us to use some of the materials that were designed with two other grants: TPL Inc and Seagate Technology

We thank Mrs. Raimondi for helping the Math Science Nucleus give a gift of learning, that can help these students understand and appreciate math for the rest of their lives and why it is a critical tool for all sciences.

Winners of the essay contest can be seen online from 2012, 2014,2015, 2016,  2017 2018 and 2019.  

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Math as a tool of science helps students to enter technical fields.