The Math Science Nucleus is proud to announce the winners of the Dana Raimondi Math Program Essay Contest on “Why Math is Important.” Competing in 2015 were 350 students from Brier, Blacow, Cabrillo, Durham, Grimmer,  Mattos and Vallejo Mills, all from Fremont Unified School District.

. Blacow Elementary

Aliyah Miranda

Do you know how much you need math? Lots of people don’t, but you don’t have to be one of them. Maybe you don’t like math, and that’s understandable because it can be challenging at times, but try to imagine life without it. How would you know how much time ‘till your favorite TV show? What if you want to buy a toy for your little sister and a video game for yourself? How would you know how much money they both cost? Let’s take a look at some of the categories math is crucial in.

Dana Raimondi and Dr. Morris presenting awards
Math is an important skill to know for any job. You need math to know how much you’re getting paid and how much they’re taking for taxes. Also you must know how much your getting paid by the hour, when to start and when to stop. One example is a chef. A chef must know how to measure an ingredient for a excellent dish. If the chef doesn’t it could taste weird and be a complete disaster. Another good example would be construction workers. If they didn’t calculate things right,  there would be falling buildings everywhere.

At home is mainly where people forget that they’re using math. You use math when you cook by measuring and timing things. When you clean you decide what proportion of soap you will use and how long it will take to finish cleaning each section. Another way you use math at home is when you are painting something, redecorating, or remodeling you need measurements. You also need math skills to pay bills.

It is good to know math to keep up with your health. Counting calories and adding them up throughout the day is math. That’s important because if you take in to much or to little it will affect your health. It is also important to know how to read the percentages of fat, sodium, protein, etc. on nutritional facts of food. It is most crucial when doctors or nurses give you a dosage of medicine. If the doctor or nurse gives you to much or to little of a certain medicine it could kill you.

Sports also make math necessary. You must know at what angle works best for the ball. You also decide how much power you give to hit the ball at a speed that will send the ball across a certain distance. Another way is when you add up points in the game.

When shopping, it’s very important to know math. You have to add all the things you are buying, plus taxes. You may have to figure out discounts or sales. Also if you don’t give the exact amount you have to know exactly how much you should get back. If you didn’t know math when shopping if would be very difficult to buy your necessities. So now that you have seen all the different categories math is important in, do you see how much you need math?

Math is everywhere you look, you can’t avoid it. The next time your teacher gives you a math assignment that you just don’t like, think about how this will help you later because math is life.  I think math is important because we need it for a lot of things in the world.
  If you have certain interests, math is something you most likely use a lot of the time.  You might be using math without even rs. Soriano, a smart buyer.

Xuyang Chen
Karen  Anderson, Master of Ceramonies

Math is an important part of human logical thought and human evolution: nothing would be done without it. The first intellectual invention of humans was the counting system, the heart of all mathematics. Having all foundations made, our ancestors, built more and more on it. The second event in math was multiplication. Having known how to keep track of possessions by counting and recording by rocks and marks, our ancestors invented multiplication by using one stone to represent multiple objects, and one could now move easily keep track of large quantities of things and avoid miscounting.

As humans learned to grow crops and breed livestock, they settled in permanent homes and had more recreation time. From then on, discoveries came faster and faster. People tried to use math for more and more things. They found out how to measure objects, and invented different numerals (1,2,3,etc) place values, and angles. People then realize that they didn’t necessarily need to use math for things in everyday life, and could purely use math like geometry. They then applied these concepts to the real world and made math more sophisticated. Then Isaac Newton came and invented calculus the used to calculate the outcomes and amount of concrete things. From this information, you may see how math plays such a big role in logic and allows complex structures to be built. Without math, we would still be caveman, hunter gatherers. In conclusion, math is the thing that allowed many human facts to happen and therefore it is very important.

 Brier Elementary

Haley McDonald

I feel that math is important because it is part of everyone everyday life. Our life would be impossible if math did not exist. “Every fact of life on earth uses math”- Here are some reasons why math is important balancing a check book reading a clock, cooking, getting gas for your car, setting a alarm clock and so on. When I think of today’s economy I realize that everything depends on math for example cell phones, computers, laptops, cars, stores, gas stations, houses, building, farming, every job in the world. Electronics are basically a big pile of math. Hospitals use medicine in many different machines that depend on math, especially electricity almost everything we own was made depends on electricity and electricity was invented from Math! This world was built by Math.

Estrella Ramirez

Math is such an important subject in life. Math other than being my favorite subject is sort of a necessity in life. I’m not going to go on and list some very bring reasons why math is important, but I will state my opinion on this matter. It is important to know and understand math is crucial in life whether you would like to be a teacher, scientists, or ever doctor math will always show up no matter what. A lot think, “I will never even do this in real life” but the sad reality to some is that they probably will. Math is everywhere, at the grocery store, at the doctors, and instead of moaning and whining about this, we should feel delighted. Not everyone has the chance to learn math, or even go to school. Math is sort of like another language, like a secret code. I get to decode. I’m very elated to have the opportunity to learn math.

Yebin Shin

Math is important in many ways, but first history of humanity came a long way from ancient times until now. Trade, business, tax, and every other calculations used math. Also, astronomical observation and measurement of land are needed for agriculture were directly been involved in the math. You can say that math gained its name as a study in Greece, around the era of the 6th century, of course, even before that, some cultures developed math a lot.

Now, modern mathematics are strongly using basics to create a new formula. They are also continuing to make progress, including application of other problems.  As I wrote in the beginning, mathematical is very important for many things. Books and clothes can be examples of them. Books have same area in the back as the front. Half of the clothes have exact matching sizes as the other side. We need math to make pens, erasers, robots, light bulbs, are all the things. If we did not have any formula or math itself, we could have been living like animals. We should not have houses. Some of us could have already been eaten by carnivore animals because we don’t have any weapons to resist just like ancient times. That is why math is so important for humans, and can’t be apart from us even if its only for a while

Cabrillo Elementary

Giel Lumabao

Have you ever gone to the store to buy something, but not sure if their giving you the right amount of change that you should be receiving? You’re so excited to buy new clothes and toys but you know nothing about math at all, so how are you going to know which the better buy is. We can’t survive without math. How are you parents supposed to know how much taxes they should be paying without math? Road trips are fun right? But how can you drive to Disneyland if you don’t know how long it takes to get there, how else will you know the distance? You use math everyday even outside of school and hanging out with your friends. For example sports and games is fun right? But how do you know who has the most points without math? Without math you won’t have a dream job. You can use a calculator but what do you even know what to put if you don’t know who to write the equation properly? Calculators is not the answer, but intelligence and using math is.

Mattos E

Grace Bergquist

As you scribble down math problems, you bob your head to the beat of the music on your headphones. When you’re done with your homework, you drift over to the kitchen, drawn in by the sweet aroma of the freshly baked cake.  After hovering over it for a while, you walk over to your computer and start playing games. You think for a second before you realize something you wouldn’t have cakes, music, computers, and many other thing without math!

If math didn’t exist, people would not be able to bake sweet delicacies such as cake. Baking takes exact measurements, and without math, people would not be able to make those measurements. Instead of getting a delicious cake for dessert, it would come out ass a burned lump. Without math, there wouldn’t be such a thing as music. People who write and create music use specific counts and beats to make sound. If there was no math, people would not be able to count the beats, and therefore would not be able to make music.

You use your computer or smart phone almost every day. You wouldn’t have those without math. Computer programmers and inventors use coding to program electronics. Coding uses numbers as well as letters, and therefore, without math, they would not be able to code your electronics.

These are the reasons why math is so important. Without math, the world wouldn’t be quite amazing as it is today!

Katelyn Twist

Math is very important because without it, we would not have been able to do many of the things we have done. We would not be able to do some of science we do today. Chemistry has a lot of math in it. You have to measure certain amounts of ingredients to mix into the others. That’s math! Also e=mc2 and other formulas are math! We would not be able to build large buildings because we would not be able to have exact measurements for boards or walls. Without math, you are able to say, “I want a 2 inch by 4 inch board!” Another thing that we do with Math is an archaeologist can map out sites, putting different parts into certain quadrants. If math wasn’t invented, we would not be able to do a lot of useful things! Go Math!

Durham Elementary

Juan Madera Rojo

Math is important because you use it all day everyday 24/7. It is important because you use it when you buy stuff so that you know you get the correct change back. Math is important like food because without it you can’t live or survive. For example, for cooking you need to know how much of some of the ingredients you need. Without math food would be super salty, super sweet etc. We wouldn’t be able to tell time if it wasn’t math. Math is also used in many subjects for example science. It also helps you think logically. You also need it for work such as doctors, designers, engineers, architects, construction, electrician, banking, televisions, insurance, repair, landscaping, law enforcement, etc. That is why math is important in everyday life.

Julia Mecado

There are many reasons of why math is important. Math is used in everyday life. For people to make binder paper they have to measure how large the paper is and how much lines it can hold with a certain measure for the width of each line. The wright brothers had to build the very first plane with using math. One wing couldn’t be shorter that the other in order to fly properly. Math is used in all the jobs out there and even those fast food restaurants. In order to drive math is involved as well. You have to make a certain angle to make a right or left turn. Math is necessary and needs to be used by everybody. If someone doesn’t know how to use math it will be challenging later in the future. There’s probably not a single thing on earth that can’t be solved by math. Everything you see and everything you do has math involved.

Grimmer Elementary

David Mullenix

Do you think math is important? I know I do. Math is one of the most important subjects in school, you can use it without thinking about it, and it is important for getting a job. To being, math is one of the most important subjects in school. It is easy to learn and apply. I really like math, if you’re good at it, then you can be a mathematician. You also use math for other subjects. Without math, we wouldn’t be able to get anywhere in Science. You could also use math in real life. Furthermore, you sometimes don’t know you’re doing math. When you wake up at a certain time, then look at the clock to see how much time you have, you just did math. When you go to a restaurant and gave a tip. When you look at coupons, and see something is fifty percent off, you cut the price in half without realizing you did math. When you set an alarm to wake up, you did math to find the time to wake up. Last but not least, math is important for any job. To become a scientists, doctor, mathematician, and many other jobs, you need to be good at math. Even for sports you need to know math. For example, in baseball, a batter has to calculate when to hit the ball. If you drive people around for a living, you have to use math to calculate how fast you can go without hitting the person in front of you. As a result, math is important. It is one of the most important subjects in school, you use it without realizing it, and it is important for getting a job.

Iris Rodriguez

Math is important because you need it basically for everything! For example, in grocery stores you need math because the cashier has to tell you what you need to pay. You also need it for baking. You have to measure the cups of ingredients and you need to know the portions. Scientists also need to know a lot of math. They need to figure out measurements for their new inventions. Also archeologists, need math to measure fossils that they find underground. Math is also needed in houses. The house makers have to figure out how big they want the house to be. Also any bag of snacks have to be weighed because of all the snack bags like chips, popcorn, cookies, and more all have to have the same height. Human beings also have to know how tall they are and how much they weigh. That is why math is important.

Vallejo Mill Elementary

Sahil Advani

I think math is important for several reasons. Math is important to scientist because, they use math to calculate the distance of an asteroid from Earth. If math was not there scientists would not know when and where that asteroid would hit. That would be mean scientist would not know which areas to evacuate. Another importance of math is that when it comes to calculating distance math is very important. If you enter a destination into a GPS you get an estimated time arrival. The GPS gives you the ETA using math. Math can even help calculate an average speed for cars. Math is even used in everyday life. For example in the kitchen when you make a cake you need to measure the ingredients using math! Math is also useful to engineers when they build robots. Engineers need to figure out how long, wide, etc their robots. Archeologists use math to make grids to locate artifacts. Another reason why math is important is that when people make electronics, they use math to calculate the speed of their product.  These are the reasons why math is very important.

Ayden Montoya

Math is important because you need it to tell the time. Say you knit of crochet you need to know how to count in order to do that. What if your job involves math? Say you have to build a house; you’ll need to know how tall you’ll have to make it, and how wide it needs to be. Math is also important in school to. You need math to get through school and college so then you’ll get a good life. You also need math when driving. Say you need to get gas you’ll need to know how any gallons of gas you need. Also say you’re going somewhere you’ll need to know how many miles to go before turning. You also need Math in sports such as baseball. You need to know how many bases to touch in order to win. You even need math in tying a shoe. You’ll need to know how many knots to tie 1 or 2.


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