The Math Science Nucleus is proud to announce the winners of the Dana Raimondi Math Program Essay Contest on “Why Math is Important.” Competing in 2012 were 450 students from Maloney, Brier, Vallejo Mills, Blacow, Durham, and Cabrillo all of Fremont Unified School District. Each school had an assembly that provided an opportunity for the students to meet Mrs. Raimondi and to receive their prizes. Every child received a math puzzle and there was a first place winner for each class that received an electronic maze called “Hexabug.”

Ritikia Piple
Areli Llanos

Arzo Zazai
Anthony Payne

Jasleen Kau
Jasmeen Hundal

Yahao Chen
Jessica Le

Prachi Verma
Shiranthi Jawahar
Vallejo Mill

Ethan Mehta
Denny Rich
Michelle Prasertsanit (Blacow) Hemauth Battu  Gabby Riemer (Cabrillo) Joanna Ramirez (Durham)

Brier Elementary

Logan Kiester

These math lessons were great. I liked how you turned some boring math lesson into something fun and exciting.  I learned so much from your lessons.  Like how math is in our every day jobs, math has a very old life that goes back to ancient Greece, or that math is science too.

Math is in almost every job we have. Think of architecture, without math we couldn’t graph where we find bones or other artifacts. Also, even if you’re a cashier at a restaurant you still use math. You add numbers to see how much money they give you.  Every job has at least a little bit of math to do with it. So no matter what kind of job you have, you always need math. Math is so old. Math has a rich history. It was first introduced though in Greece.  Mathematicians became famous.  One particular mathematician was Pythagoras. He created the Pythagorean Theorem. This consisted of a˛+b˛=c˛. For discoveries like this he was known far and wide, and so were his followers, Pythagoreans.  Truly, Greece was the beginning for math.   Math is a mixture of science.  Science has so much to do with math, Like the liters you would use for math, we use them in science labs.  Sometimes we need to count how many microscopes we need. Or we need to use math equations for science such as e=mc˛.  Science has everything to do with math. Together they make answers for almost every question. This is how science is related to math. Math is a very special art.

Adony Payne

Math is important for numerous reasons.  Math is connected to Science, Language Arts, History, and thinking.  Many everyday tools are used with Math.  The first reason why math is important is because it is connected to other subjects.  For example; Language Arts has numbers for measures.  History has numbers for dates. (In 14 AD, Augustus died.)  Thinking has numbers for times, etc. (I’ll go to church at 5:00).  One of the more important reasons is that our economy depends on numbers such as addition, division, etc. The store uses a barcode and has numbers.  Computers use binary codes. Our money is used with math.  Last, Math is important because many tools we use and make are measured in math code. Bakers use measuring cups.  Mechanics use wrenches, and student use #2 pencils.  As you can infer, math is important.  We use it from bank accounts, to weeks.  What would we do without math?

Arzo Zazai

Imagine a world without math. When you buy a car, follow a recipe, or decorate your home, you’re using math principles. People have been using these ideas for thousands of years, across countries, and continents. Whether you’re sailing a boat off the coast of Japan, or building a house, you’re using math to get things done. Math is used at jobs, sports, doctors, music, recipes, gardening, eating out, home, etc. As you can see, math is something that we use in our everyday life, that is why it is so important.  Math is used in jobs. For example, if you are an architect, you need to know how to measure. Math is used in sports. For example, you need to know at what angle you must launch. Math is used in doctors. For example, you need to know how much you weigh and your blood pressure is determined by a ratio. Music uses math with the timing of every time you play.  You use math in recipes because you need to know fractions and ratios.  You use math when you eat out because you use ratios and percentages to figure out the tip. You also use math at home.  For example, you need to figure out the time or when you pour yourself a glass of water you use volume.  Without math there wouldn’t be numbers, phones, clocks, computers, and you wouldn’t know the day you were born. Next time when you’re about to say “I hate math” think of how the world would be without it.
Dana Raimondi presenting award to Arzo Zazai

Maloney Elementary

Shiranthi Jawahar

Math is a significant part of all of our lives. From the interesting study of archeology, to the scientific study of medicine, math is needed.  Isn’t it obvious?  Math is everywhere, all around us.  When we pretended to be archeologists and paleontologists, and examined shells, we used math.  We had to categorize and use fractions, decimals, and percent for all of those shells.  If there wasn’t math, we couldn’t have accomplished this simple task.  This is just a small project that we need math for. Math is also important because it was used for one of the greatest inventions. The Wright Brothers used a lot of math to invent the first airplane. Do you know how many diagrams and variables they used to create a simple-motored airplane that works? Isn’t that all math? With the help of math, the Wright Brothers successfully created the airplane. If it wasn’t for them, we couldn’t travel a far distance. All in all, math has made an enormous difference in all of our lives. Math is very important!

Prachi Verma

Math has many uses, and for some people, it means the world. We use math every day, whether we know it or not.  Math is not only at school, but when you are tying your shoes or when you are looking at your watch to check the time. Math is used in all jobs during your life.   A doctor uses graphs to see how tall you grow every year.  A scientist uses division to calculate the relation between length and width of a growing mountain, like Mt. Everest.  We use math everywhere and anywhere. Without math, the people wouldn’t know anything about ourselves or our past.  We wouldn’t have cars, boats, video games, or any modern technology. We might as well still be hunter-gathers!  Math has changed greatly. It is the reason that today we have IPhones, buildings, bank accounts, and almost everything we want or care about. Because we have math, we know what and how earthquakes occur.  Math helps us construct earthquake proof buildings and saving lives.  Math is everything.

Durham Elementary

Jessica Le

Math is important because you need math every day.  Math can be fun and boring but it’s also very important.  You’ll need to learn it as a kid, so when you’re an adult you’ll have more benefits.  You will need math when you’re going shopping because when you buy items you need to pay, and when you pay you have to sum up all your money.  Everyone uses math every day, because when you’re cooking you have to measure your ingredients and our houses are also made from math.  Our houses are made from math because people who built our houses had to measure the wood, see how much paint they need and that means they have to go shopping.  In Raimondi math they taught me personally that I can use math for anything.   We compared shells from San Francisco Bay.  We made different types of angles and we also graphed sounds from tuning forks.  If you use math everyday, you’ll succeed in everything.

Yahao Chen

I think math is very important because we use it for our everyday life.  We use it for money and so we can buy or sell things. Also we use it for counting so we know how many things are in one place.  Bar graphs are for keeping track of the rate.  We also use math  for making things like houses and other things.  Some people use it for surveying.  We use math for archeology so we could dig things up.  Also for measuring  things.  We use angles to build rooms and a lot more like fractions, chemicals, integers, histograms, and a lot more. I think without math we wouldn’t survive.  We depend on math to do almost everything.  Like making houses, measuring things, cutting something in pieces, and on and on. Math helps people every day of our lives.

Vallejo Mill Elementary

Denny Rich

Math is a very important subject to learn and is used in our daily life.  It is mandatory that you learn this subject.  People need it to get discounts at the grocery store. Even scientists use math. Many workers need to use math in their jobs daily.  That is why it is taught in school every day.  One reason why math is important is that people use it to get discounts at the grocery store.  If there are two different sized boxes sold at different prices, you need to know the unit price of both boxes to get the better deal. Also, people need to know math to get discounts with coupons.  If there are two coupons for the same item, you need to know which is the better deal.   Sometimes one coupon will be a percentage off that item and the other will be an amount in dollars off that item. In order to find out which one is better, you need to convert one of them into a percent or an amount off so they will both be the same.  With math, you can save a lot of money to buy something else.  Scientist also use math.  For example, archeologists need math for their grids on an archeological site.  You also need to know math to be good in science. Part of science is adding, subtracting, multiplying, and dividing.  Physics uses a lot of math.  If you are a geologist, predicting when two plates will crash requires math.  One of the most important things about math is that it is used in every job.  If you work at a restaurant, you need to know math to make a recipe. Also, civil engineers need to use math to calculate the size and weight of a building to make it safe and reliable. Even janitors need to know math.  That is why math is so important.  Math is easy to learn for some people, but for others it is hard to learn.  Whether or not it is easy for you, it is very important to learn. People use it daily for discounts, science, and jobs.  The reason why math is important is endless.

Ethan Mehta

Math is important in many ways and Raimondi Math helped me realize that.  Engineers use math to design stuff like computers and other types of software.  Architects use math to design buildings and to get correct angles and measurements.   The universe can be described by math. Equations like e=mc˛ help us understand the universe too.   Raimondi Math helped me realize that math is so important by showing how math was used in history, for example, Pythagoras and his secret meetings with the other “math nerds” of the time.   Also, Raimondi math showed me that math can be fun too. I enjoyed playing and making different triangles with the angle legs.  I used to not like math as much as I do now because I think about the people I learned about in Raimondi math and how they loved math and became famous, and I wasn’t to be like that too.  Math is important because without it we wouldn’t be able to tell how fast we were going on the highway, not to mention that we wouldn’t even have cars.

Without math we wouldn’t be able to describe any rate/speed or even time.  With math I think that we have a better understanding of everything.  In my opinion, math is exactly like another language too. How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Pop?  Well, now we can know. We can know everything using math.  Without Math we can count syllables, so even language depends on Math.  We can conquer the world using Math.

Blacow Elementary

Ritika Piple

Math is very important because it allows us to do daily tasks with ease. Rounding, estimation, fractions, and percentages are just a few of the ways we use math in our everyday life.  Math is used in and out of school.  Even our parents use it at work.  Math is so important in every career you can name uses math in one way or another.  Math is used in banking, science, astronomy, architecture, accounting, sales, retail stores, engineering, and even cooking.  You also need math to figure out or read your paycheck.  If it wasn’t for math we would never be able to do taxes, pay bills, and read the time.  More importantly doing math helps the mind to reason and organize complicated situations or problems into clear, simple, and logical steps.  Math is the type of tool that can help you well in work and any type of education.  It doesn’t matter what type of math it is like algebra, geometry, or trigonometry to just simple adding or subtracting.   It’s still math.  Math helps you with everyday tasks so it is good to learn it.

Jasmine Pacheco

Math is very important because it is all over the world.  For example, when you go shopping you need to use math to see how much clothes, food, electronics, and many other things cost, especially if it is on sale.  It could be 40% off and regular price is $65.99.  Also, if you go to buy a pizza for a party and there is 30 kids you need to divide the kids by the slices of pizza.  Another reason is if you would like to dance you would need numbers to know each step.   You also use math for buildings, houses, apartments, restaurants, and any other kinds of buildings.  The Egyptians also used math for building pyramids, and other amazing creations.  One more important reason is that we need math so we could build lots of schools so we can learn.

Areli Llanos

Math is important because it is the most used subject in the world. Everyone uses some kind of math. Most importantly, doing math helps the mind to organize situations, problems, simple, and logical steps.  Us, as students learn more math.  Math (from Greek) is the study of quantity, structure, space, and change.  Math was not invented by anyone in particular, people first started doing math-related things when the counted objects around them.  Math was invented to learn more in life. That is why I think Math is important.

Cabrillo Elementary

Jasmeen Hundal

Math is a very important subject.  It’s really important for you to know math if you want to get a good job.  I’m not sure if it’s for every job, but I know it’s for most jobs.  Most people ask, ”Where will I ever need Algebra?” The answer to that is you need it in any occupational field that requires a higher education, such as computer science, electronics, engineering, medicine (doctors), or scientists.  If you want to be an accountant, you really need to know math and understand it really well.  Math is important because it is most widely used in the world.  The careers that I talked about above use some sort of math. More importantly, it is used in everyday uses.  When we use money, when we shop, do bills, or pay our taxes, we need math.  Math is also used in banking, science, astronomy, sales, and pharmaceuticals, retail jobs, bookkeeping, purchasing, and figuring out your next paycheck.  Math “Rocks” and it is “Awesome!”

 Jasleen Kumar

Math is important because we use it in our daily life.  When we go to a grocery store or any store, we need to know how to find the mark-up or sales tax and make sure we are paying and receiving the right amount of money.  If you go to a restaurant and want to give the waiter an appropriate tip, you have to know how to use the present equation to give the proper tip.  Math plays a big role in many different careers.  For example, if you are a nurse, you need to know how to calculate the medical doses to administer the medicine.  If you are an engineer, you should know the difference between mathematical angles and degrees.  Scientists need to know math to calculate data.  You can’t get through life without math.



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