Dana Raimondi Math Program  started in 2007 to  provide low income students in Fremont, California access to math programs that will allow students to excel.  her yearly donation funds will be used to work with Fremont Unified School District, California to develop a way in which students can succeed in passing Algebra.  This is especially timely since the state of California is initiating that students take and pass Algebra in the 8th grade.  The design of the materials will be put on our website for all to use.  This fund also helps us to use some of the materials we designed with two other grants: TPL Inc and Seagate Technology

In 2007 we worked with Brier Elementary School to develop afterschool hands-on math program.  In 2008 with the new standards coming in place we discussed different ways in which we could help students.  We contacted Dr. Milt Werner, Superintendent (now retired):  Dr. Tess Melendez,  Director of Elementary Education (now retired); and Dr. Dennis Brown (now retired), Director of Secondary Education and they recommended working in the sixth grade low income schools and to aid 7 and 8th grade students in math tutoring.

In 2009-10 the program will focus on adding classes, increase teacher training, and collecting data on whether the program increases comprehension and test score. Parvin Ahmadi (now Superintendent in Pleasanton, California) helped us to understand the significance of the increased test scores. 

In 2011-12 we continued the program under Superintendent Dr. Jim Morris.  We added a new essay competition to see if the classes that we were providing helped students with their attitude about math.  Many of the essays revealed that the students were more aware of math all around them, and many now understood a little better why it is so important to their academic and personal lives. 

Presently there are 6 schools that are participating in the program for 2017.  We have continued the format of the program and have included a Reception where winners of the Essay contest get their prizes and meet Dana Raimondi and Dr. Morris.  The event is for families and at the Children's Natural History Museum.

Winners of the essay contest can be seen online from 2012, 2014  2015, and  2016.  

A resident of Fremont since 1968, Dana Raimondi has been involved with the community her entire life. In her long professional career, she dedicated herself to patient care as a Radiological Technologist at Kaiser Hayward for 29 years.  Dana has been involved with many philanthropic activities throughout her life including Craig Hospital in Englewood, Colorado. Dana has established the  Richard Raimondi Memorial Fund to address direct patient needs not covered by insurance. She also funds a fully endowed scholarship for Woman’s Softball at the University of Nebraska at Lincoln.   Locally, Dana funded the renovation of Irvington High School's softball field in Fremont in her husband Richard's memory. 

Dana has two daughters that were educated in the Fremont school district. She feels strongly about   supporting the youth in the community and providing opportunities for them to become healthy, successful and productive citizens.

Jarvis Sulcer, Joyce Blueford and Dana Raimondi (left to right)



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