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The Math Science Nucleus is proud to announce the winners of the Dana Raimondi Math Program Essay Contest on “Why Math is Important.” Competing in 2017 were 350 students from Brier, Blacow,  Durham, Grimmer,  Mattos, Millard and Vallejo Mills, all from Fremont Unified School District.


Blacow Elementary
principal:  Mr. Jose Hernandez

Jaiden Weber
teacher: Mr. Bernie McDonough

Math is very important.  Math is required in everyday life and without it, the world can’t function.  Here are a few reasons math is important.  First of all, math is used to construct buildings.  When you’re building, you might need to measure how high or low the ceiling must be.  You’ll also need math in sports.  For example when you’re playing basketball you might need to calculate the angle of the ball before you shot it.  Another time you’ll need math, is when you’re purchasing an item, you need to count your change.  Math is also important because if we didn’t have it, how would we tell time, and how would we know what day it is?  More importantly, who would we transfer from place to place?

When you’re driving a car, you’ll need to know how many gallons will get you to your designation.  Also, how would we invent things such as websites or technology?  In order to make a website, you need to use code, which requires knowledge of math.  Finally, you need math for medical purposes.  If a doctor prescribes the wrong amount of medicine to a patient, something can go wrong.  This is why math is so important and used in everyday life.

 Riana Palacios
Amaya Almadova
Jaiden Weber

Riana Palacios
teacher: Ms. Milagro Orantes

Wow, just imagine that you didn’t enjoy mathematics! You find them very difficult sometimes, but do you really think you’ll slide without doing it?  Really!  “Ain’t gonna happen kid.”  Mathematics may not look like much to you, but it actually plays a huge role in life.  But, why is math so prominent to us?  Why does it matter?  Well, maybe this essay will explain a thing or two you.

Before I start listing anything full on” let’s get one thing straight.  You without a doubt will not be able to count the number of paragraphs in this essay without math.  Ok let’s begin with sports.  There is quite a bundle of mathematics in sports, if you didn’t know.  If you play basketball, soccer, football, etc. you might know that there is a rule for fouling.  What does this have to do with math exactly?  In most sports like this, you have a certain limit of fouls before you are kicked out.  The same goes for soccer, except you only have a limit of two fouls.  What else?  Ah yes, there is also your score.  If no scores were added or counted up, whose team won?  Also, a random number can’t be picked, since numbers are the roots of math.  I have one more point for sports.  You can’t swing a bat or tennis racket hop to hit the ball now, can you?  You need to calculate when, how hard, and where you need to hit the ball.   If you don’t the ball may swerve out of bounds, costing you a foul or a point.  You may also need to time the ball you know,  to know when to swing.  In baseball you have about .4 seconds before the ball reaches you!

Did you know that cooking /baking also includes math?  You may be thinking ‘Oh yeah, but only for measuring ingredients and stuff.” You are only partly right, because if you don’t measure the amount of ingredients you need, your pastry will not interest you at all.  Don’t forget timing counts as math too!  Without timing, too little or too much time will make your cake dry or wet.  Serving amount is needed, too.  Imagine that you host a party and your short on pastries!  Math is needed with this because then you can duplicate or triple the recipe.

For this paragraph, I decided to write about something you can relate to.  It is to be hoped you know that you use math all the time at home.  You event use math while watching TV!  You may not know it, but your brain is taking in tons of binary code, made of numbers (and math).  Music homework includes math too, since you need to know how many beats per measure there are.  Even during video games you use math!   In most video games you lose points so you have to keep track of points one, points lost and your HP level.  Mathematical time allows you to time your showers and wake up time.

I guess this is it.  In conclusion, you must’ve learned math really does play a huge roll in our lives.   Did this essay clarify a bit more to you?  If it did you may know it took some math for me to write this essay.  Thanks for reading my essay today.  You were a great audience.

  Brier Elementary
principal:  Mrs. Julie Williams

Manroop Bains
teacher: Ms. Caroline Ko

I think math is important because of three reasons.  The first one is because you need math in everyday life.  When you go to the grocery store, you have to use math t figure out the cost of things per pound.  The second reason why I think math is very important is because it helps you calculate the score at a sports game.  When someone in basketball makes a layup, you add 2 points to that team’s score, which is using math.  The third and final reason why I think math is important is because math has helped the world advance in technology and technology makes life easier for us.  All in all, math is significant to the world because without it we would be still living in caves

Calvin Li
teacher: Mrs. Dunlop

I believe that math is an important part of day to day life.  It is the unsung hero of daily conduct, as most people don’t even know they’re using it when they do.  Without basic mathematical skills, you would not be able to do the things you do normally like purchasing groceries or telling the time.

You utilize the most mathematical skills when purchasing an item, like a new car.  When buying a car, the first thing you do is check the price.  Usually, advertisements d not include an important part of what you are paying: the sales tax.  When calculating the tax on a car (or any other item), you are using percent and addition.  Once you determine the price of the car, you must make sure that the car is a reasonable choice.  To do this, you calculate the distance your new car will go on a full tank of gas.  To do this, you multiply the miles per gallon by the fuel tank capacity.  Without even thinking, you know to do multiplication.  You are also using rates, or more specifically, unit rates.  Finally you decide to buy the car.  Looking at your bank balance,  you realize that you don’t have enough money.  Now you must determine your debt after buying the car.  By doing this, you are performing subtraction and working with integers.

All in all, doing math is an indispensable procedure that makes life easier.  Without math, the things you do without a second though would be impossible.  Basic and advanced mathematical skills are something everyone needs to succeed in life.

Maneeja Khan (Brier)  Stephanie Ledesma (Blacow)  Nathan Meseret (Durham) 

Durham Elementary
principal:  Mrs. Thersa Bonnacorsi

Rodean Morshidi
teacher: Ms. Petrini

I use to think math wasn’t important until I told my dad.  He told me math was really important.  He is a vet.  So he told me he uses measurements on how my anesthesia is going to be used in surgery.  My mom told me that accountants use a lot of math in their jobs.  I also recently discovered that surveyors use a ton of math in their jobs.  Doctors also use measurements for medicine, event dentists use math.  Without math there wouldn’t be vets, accounts, surveyors, doctors, or dentist.  Math is actually really important in this world.

Siyar Pir
teacher: Ms. Teague

Math is important for many reasons, but I will be talking about three medicine, architecture and sports.  The way we use math in medicine is by measuring the amounts of chemicals and viruses used in vaccination and prescription drugs.  The branch of math we mainly use in architecture is geometry which is the study of shapes.  Last we use mainly integers, additions, subtraction and percent in sports.

First we will talk about why it’s important to measure the amount of chemical and viruses used in vaccinations and prescription drugs.  The first reason the amount of chemicals and viruses must be measured is because if the amount is too high it could be harmful to the patient.  One example of this is botulism which is bacteria that can be found on unsterilized meats, but plastic surgeons use tiny amount of it in the wrinkle prevention medicine, Botox.   If too much of botulism is in in Botox it can lead to the patient having nausea, dizziness, blurred vison and worst of all death.  But if the amount of chemicals or viruses is too low the vaccine or medication won’t work.  An example of this is Ebola a very deadly virus mainly found in West Africa.  If too little of the amount of the virus is put in the vaccine the vaccine won’t work.  This is why math is important in medicine.

Second, we’ll talk about how math is important in architecture.  First, math is important in architecture because if you don’t get the right angles and designs the house might not be stable enough and it might collapse. If you don’t calculate the area and perimeter it  can cause a disaster.

Finally we’ll talk about math used in sports.  First we use a lot of percentages in sports such as basketball, baseball and football.


Grimmer Elementary
principal:  Ms. Judy Nye

Karla Casillas
teacher: Ms. Aguilar

 Math is important because it helps us in everyday life.  Every time you go shopping you find the total amount you need to pay for your items.  Architects build structures and they use area, perimeter, geometry, and other mathematical terms to plan out their buildings.  In science you use for example 1 cup of molten aluminum and 2 cups of molten iron to make an alloy.  In science you use percent to find how much there is of something or someplace math helps locate places fast by using longitude and latitude computer programmers use math in programs.  Clocks are working mathematically to tell time.  Math can help you count things to. In conclusion, math is very important.


Mckhelcy Sagun
teacher: Ms. Silva

Math is important because you use it in a everyday life and is everywhere from money to school.  You can use it for the time, address, school, sports, money and much other things.  Imagine a world without math.  You wouldn’t even know the hours you were in school because you would have to count.  If you go to a bank and want to take some money instead of taking $125 you get $1.25 that is a lot different.  You also need math in history for example a king ruled from 520 BC - 320 BC for that you would to have  subtract 520 -320 and you will get the total number of years the king ruled.  In conclusion you use math every single day of your life even if you think you don’t.  Just take a moment in your life to think about how math is involved in your life and how important it is.


Mattos Elementary

Akhil Roate
teacher: Mrs. Troia

I believe that math is an important part of day to daylife.  It is the unsung hero of daily conduct, as most people don't even know they are using it when the do work.  Without basic mathematical skills, you would not be able to do the things you do normally, like purchasing groceries or tell the time.

You utilize the most mathematical skills when purchasing an item, like a new car.  When buying a car, the first thing you do is check the price.  Usually, advertisements do no include an important part of what you are paying, the sales tax.  When calculating the tax on a car (or any other item), you are using percent and addition.  Once you determine the price of the car, you must make sure that the car is a reasonable choice.  To do this, you calculate the distance your new car will go on a full tank of gas.  to do this you multipl the miles per gallon by the fuel tank capacity.  Without even thinking you know to do multiplication.  You also use rates, or more specifically, unit rates.  Finally, you decide that you don't have enough money.  Now you must determine your debt after buying the car.  By doing this, you are performing subtraction and working with integers.

All in all, doing math is an indespensible procedure that makes life easier.  Without math, the things you do without a second though would be impossible.  Basic and advanced mathematical skills are something everyone needs to succeed in life.

Benjamin Magana
teacher: Mr. Cayce

In the world, many distinctive subjects need math for the essential part of life. Math is extremely important because people use it in getting a good job, in our jobs, and for every-day life. We use math to get good jobs by passing school and getting into a good college. One job in particular that workers need math in are engineers that work for PG&E. The most important thing that I think using math is needed are the every-day life situations like shopping, baking, and dealing with money. I hope after reading about why math is important you will truly discover different ways people use math for an immense amount of reasons.

One reason why math is important is because you need math to get a good job. You need math to get a good job because you need to take the calculus math class college. Then you have to pass it to get any job that you need to go to college. For example, jobs like a doctor, a veterinarian, or a teacher. You also need math to get a good job because in order to get in college, you need to pass high school. If you don’t  pass math in high school, then you are probably not going to have big chances to get a good job. This is why you need math in order to get a good job.

Math is important because we use it in our jobs. One job that uses math almost every day are the engineers at PG&E. One example why the engineers use math is to measure the length of the road to see how along the pipes will be to carry the gas to buildings, The gas is for the heat to work in the buildings. Some PG&E engineers take an exam that includes formulas and equations.

If the workers pass the exam, then they get promoted. The engineers also use math by doing algebraic formulas to figure out certain situations. Situations like how much a pipe can hold gas, this is called Boyle’s law. The formula to Boyle’s Law is P1 V1 = P2 V2. The engineers also use math when a brand new customer is requesting a new gas line. The engineers need to measure how much gas will be used to properly size the gas line and gas meter. This is how PG&E engineers use math is different ways while working.

Math is incomparably meaningful in every-day life. We use math in shopping by budgeting how much money we can spend. The shopper needs to know how much money they are spending. The shopper also uses math while shopping to know how much change they’ll get back. You need to know this because cashiers makes a mistake and gives you the wrong amount of change back. Theyn you can tell them the real amount of change you should get back. In baking, you use mathematics all the time. You also use math in baking when you are mixing the batter together. You need to measure how much ingredients, like eggs and flour, that will go in the batter. You also use math in baking when you turn on the oven. You need to turn on the exact temperature to the oven in order for the batter to cook. When you’re dealing with money, you are always going to use math. You use math by dealing with money and numbers when it’s time to file your taxes. When you’re filing your taxes, you always have to know how much money you made or that you are paying to know how much money you’ll have after the taxes. You will use math when dealing with money by borrowing money. You need math to do this because you need to know how much you are either getting ot giving. Then, you need to know how much money you are paying or getting back to make the borrowing equal. No matter what, you probably will be using math in every-day life situations.

Many people use math to achieve outstanding goals. Math is important because you need math for many aspects in life. You can use math for getting a good job, doing your work in jobs, and every-day life. People need math in order for our lives to function. Math acts like it’s the center of the universe for human beings. Now, can you tell others why math is important?

 Millard Elementary
principal:  Mrs. Karen Robertson

Praneel Deevi
teacher: Mr. Luu (section 1)

We use math and science together every single day without realizing! Lik when planning flight routes the weather is recorded and math is used to know when it reaches planes so they stay safe.  Also when launching space shuttles gravity and speed are calculated using math.   Math and science are related a lot.  Like when counting items are pay or like just knowing shapes!  Math and science are related when discussing black holes, gravity in black holes, and an activity we did with Dr. Anderson

Math and science are related when discussing black holes.  they are related because of the way they form. Math was used to find out the force in a supermassive black hole.  Math is critical to do science.  Black holes have enormous gravity and guessing will not give amounts that are fake so when we send a shuttle to a black hole we don't know how much force and billions of dollars could get sucked up.  That's why we need math so we can stay safe from black holes and any to do with science math is always related.

They are also related when discussing gravity in black holes.  Math equations are used to calculate the mass to the force to find gravity.  Very complicated equations are used they involve very complex content to solve it and without math this could not be possible and the gravity will be unknown.  So without math so much stuff relating to black holes couldn't be possible!  science on black holes is depened on math.

  Math and science are alos related in a project we did iwth Dr. Anderson.  She teaches us amazing out of the box topics and I really enjoy it.  One activity we did that connects math and science greatly is when we counted seashells.  For example, when we counted the seashells we did science by sorting by type.  But math was needed to fin out the type of all the seashells so we know how many seashells are the most in bay area.  We put percent for each type of seashells which made it easier to see.  But of course perent and dividing was all math!  Math is super crucial to make things easier in science to understand.  As you can see Dr. Anderson really showed us this relationship with this

This is how math and science are related.  It is really useful in daily life and doing science.  I really think that this essay and Math and Science helped me a lot knowing that math and acience are related this much!   It's related when discussing black holes, gravity in black holes, and an activity we did with Dr. Anderson.

Subha Eranki
teacher: Mr. Luu (section 2)

 Since the beginning of time, whether we know it or not, we have been using math and science to find rational answers about the questions we have developed about our society. We use math and science, almost every single day and most of the time we don’t even know it. Science is “the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment. “Math is “the abstract science of number, quantity, and space.” When combined math and science can do many great things. What most people don’t realize, is that math and science are related in a countless number of ways. For example math and science have a clear connection in our world with developing new technology, lab experiments, and other areas of math and science (algebraic math).

 Math and science have a clear relationship when it comes to our world. As you may already know our community is growing, and we try and make it as efficient as we can. That’s where math and science come in. One of the most important things we have developed throughout the years is technology, and it was all because of the relationship between math and science. According to Harold Miller on Quora, “Science is the brains, math is the measurement, and technology is the output. “ This pretty much means that when you put the physics in science and measurements from math you can get a formula which can help you create the most useful thing in the world today, which is technology. While it is a lot more complicated, math and science are the key parts to any place of technology. Who knew two simple things working together could create something that helps scientists, archaeologists, mathematicians, teachers, and pretty much everyone. That is how math and science have a clear relationship when it comes to our world with developing new technology.

 Not only is the connection between math science in big things like technology, but it can be found in simple things like lab experiments in class, or experiments with Dr. Anderson. During our penguin dwelling lab in class, we saw that the light heated the ice cube, and as a result, it melted. Our team had to build a contraption that would limit the melting time. The radiation, conduction, and convention going on within the experiment was science. While the measurements, data, and amount used to “buy” the materials was the math. Without math and science working together, the experiment would not have made sense. Not only that but during our seashell experiment with Dr. Anderson, we learned many things about both math and science. As stated by Dr. Anderson, science is all around us, and it is almost the same thing as math. The seashell experiment was a science experiment, but math was also incorporated into it. For example, we had to count the seashells and convert them into decimals and percent.  As you can clearly see, without the relationship between math and science, no experiments would make sense and it would be difficult to understand without them.

 A few other ways math is related to science is in other areas of math and science, or algebraic math. For example, as cited by MSNucleus, “Algebra deals with general statements of relations, utilizing letters and other symbols to represent different values. Used in science to develop formulas to find an unknown.”  “Geometry deals with deduction of properties, measurements, and relationships of points, lines, angles, and figures in space. It includes many different disciplines that try to describe the world.  Trigonometry deals with the relationship between angles and sides. Trigonometry is used in science to help determine where the locations of certain events are, like earthquakes, planets, stars, and many other things that we cannot directly measure.”

“Calculus refers to a large branch in mathematics that can solve many ways to measure (like volume or area) using complicated surfaces. It is used in most branches of science to derive answers that cannot be measured directly.” As you probably already know, things like algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and calculus are pretty essential to figure out unknown problems. Obviously, without the relationship of math and science, many problems would remain unknown.

 Clearly, math and science are related in a countless in a countless number of ways and are frequently used for things like developing new technology, lab experiments, and other areas of math and science (algebraic math). All in all, the use and the relationship of math and science are extremely important. It’s almost as if your entire life and existence is made up of math and science. Well actually, it is! It is really amusing how math and science is all around us and we don’t even realize it. There is no denying how crucial the connection math and science is.


Tarun Baskaran
teacher: Mr. Luu (section 3)

Hello, I am sixth grade student in Steven Millard Elementary in Fremont, California, and I do a lot of math and science every day. I work on math every day of my life. Even when I am playing my mind calculates and adjusts to the mathematical realities of the world we live in. I also learn about different branches of science in class. Some of them are easy to understand and prove. Some of the scientific phenomenon is not straightforward to explain or prove. We need help of mathematics to prove or disprove science. That is why Mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss once said “Math is queen of sciences”. Dating all the way back to the beginning of time math and science were always related. Most of the scientific concepts and research are proven with mathematical equations and Models. We are going to three different branches of science namely Physics, Biology and Astrophysics where mathematics helps us understand the science.

 Lets us take Physics which deals with motion and interaction of the objects in space. This is one of the foremost science discipline which governs our everyday life. Let me explain how mathematics formed the basic foundation to explain one of the important theory in Physics. Sir Isaac Newton developed the theory of gravitational Law. It is one of the foremost Laws of physics which explains the interaction between two objects in the universe. To prove his theory he needed a mathematical language that can accurately describe the universe we live in. But most of the existing maths concepts at this time was not able to support it. So Newton invented calculus to support his theories of gravity. So we see that to prove a simple science concept, Newton needed a mathematical language. Not only he proved the theory but gave us a new Mathematical subject. Calculus is nowadays used in more than physics. Biology, Economics and Finance are some other areas calculus is extensively used.

We as human beings are always fascinated by how the cells reproduce and how it carries the genetic material to make new cells. We discovered the basic building blocks of any living thing is Nucleic acids also known as DNA and RNA. Noble price winning scientist Barbara McClintock was the first one to manipulate DNA by deleting some part of in corn DNA. She was amazed to find DNAs repaired itself. One of the French virologist also noted that “The instructions in DNA are not only linguistic, they’re beautifully mathematical.” So the DNAs are coded with absolute perfection because of the underlying mathematical principle. So DNAs was able to repair itself even with missing pieces of information. Nowadays they use the same mathematical models to decode DNA sequence which is also called Genome sequencing. Sequencing DNA will help us with findings cure for diseases create new pest resistant crops and also in forensics. We can see that again mathematics came to rescue of science.

Astro physics or also known as Space exploration is very dependent on math and science, but it can also teach us a lot about objects in space in terms of distance, temperature and composition. “How Math, And Not A Telescope, May Have Found A New Planet” is a new article I read. In which the mathematical model predicted a planet in our own solar system which we have not yet seen. But the AstoPhysicist are very sure the Planet exists. Same principle has been used to find lot of other planets galaxies. Without use of mathematics, we would have to send lot of unmanned spacecraft which may sometime take thousands of years to find more planets. AstroPhysics as we know will not exist if not for mathematics. We can also find out the composition of planets. Some examples are oxygen, water, and other basic things that we need to service. In case of any manned mission we will know what there before we even land.

So we can see that most of the science we know it has basis in mathematics. Without the help of calculus Sir Isaac Newton would not have proved the laws. Without proof other scientists would not have agreed and accepted the concept. We also saw that DNA sequence in itself follows mathematical precision and structure. We also know that mathematics is used extensively in planet and space exploration. Mathematics gives definitely proof for science concepts. It is like science cannot exist without mathematics and mathematics without science.

Vallejo Mill Elementary
Principal  Rosalinda Cuebas Carrero

 Rain Xiong
Mrs. Kirker and Mrs. Snelson

Math is used daily for many situations.  I use math whenever I count time, measure, or play a sport.  In basketball, I time my feet when to take large steps for a lay up.  Setting up for a free throw in basketball or a penalty hick in soccer involves math.  There’s a certain spot where to stand.  There’s also a certain spot where to stand in line at a restaurant.  The manager or a builder measured how wide and how long they want the line to go, but you can’t make a line without restarant!  Architects have information about dimensions, where to place the building and the tools they need to use.  Architects become architects by learning math in school.  Math is a tool everyone uses

Paige Pineda Aliamus
Mrs. Barnett

I think math is important because math helps you solve problems, helps you code, helps you keep track of time.  These are important things because without math or numbers how would you solve 92.1234 and without anything math related you couldn’t go shopping and find out how much money you saved or there would be no cars, no science, no paper to write on, no computers, etc.

With math we can create many things like computers, rulers, machines and even jobs.  The jobs that use math is mechanic, scientist, paleontologist etc.  These are important because these jobs are needed in the world.

This concludes my essay, it talked about how math is used and what kind of jobs it makes, also math is one of the building blocks of life




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