The Math Science Nucleus is proud to announce the winners of the Dana Raimondi Math Program Essay Contest on “Why Math is Important.” Competing in 2014 were 250 students from Brier, Blacow, Grimmer,  Mattos and Vallejo Mills, all from Fremont Unified School District.

Brier Elementary

Kiya Johnson

I think math is important because we need it for a lot of things in the world.  If you have certain interests, math is something you most likely use a lot of the time.  You might be using math without even knowing it.  For example, I play soccer.  If I am trying to score a goal, I need to think about which way to position myself to score a goal.  I might need to be a 60 degree angle if someone nearby is blocking me. It’s not just me who uses math when playing sports. Playing basketball, football, baseball, softball, and others sports also requires a little bit of math at some point. 

When you are an adult you use math when you are shopping, working, doing taxes, pretty much everything! Math may not seem fun, but you gave to admit-it’s everywhere! It’s not only used for sports and doing adult things, but for doing homework, playing video games, and even watching T.V.!  The world that surrounds us is full of math.  It is very important and basically follows us everywhere we go.  Math is one of the most important things in the world, whether we can see it or not.

Gloria Soriano

 Math is the greatest knowledge. Mathematics is something we use every day because it plays a large part in everything we do.  If you’re at school you’ll find that math has much to do with many of your other subjects, not just math class.  With any job you’ll ever want, it’ll be required to have a knowledge of mathematics. Managing the money you earn form your job will also require mathematical skills.

In school, parents are always encouraging their children to do well in math class.  Math class isn’t the only area that requires capability in mathematics. History wouldn’t exist without mathematics because we would be unable to keep track of important dates. Math was used a long time ago to create exact methods that help us keep track of time, so we wouldn’t have to use the stars like prehistoric man. Science has always been linked to math; for example, we use math to organize data from experiments onto graphs. Math is also used in the form of measuring to insure adding the right amount of a chemical into a procedure. It’s important to have the equal amounts of elements in an experiment to get exact results and, perhaps, evade danger, like explosions.

Math is used a lot in school and the necessity of it doesn’t change when you get a job. For example, nurses and doctors use math every day to inject the right amount of medication into their patients and monitor changes in their health.  Architects use ratios and measuring to make scale models of their buildings.  The model helps them to make sure the real thing won’t have any fractures in its structure that could make it collapse.  Even a restaurant employee needs to have skills in math in case the cashier machine breaks down.  Mrs. Soriano said, “When I worked at a restaurant, an employee would get fired if they couldn’t give customers their change when the cashier broke down.”

Not only does math help us do our work and keep our jobs, but it also manages the money we earn. People who know how to use math while making investments can avoid debt and being taken advantage of by dealers, contrary to those who don’t use math. For instance, you’re looking for a new car, according to, when you sit down with the dealer to calculate the costs, they will start giving you discounts and info on the prices. “The dealer will try to confuse you with all those percentages and numbers and draw your attention to the monthly payment. If you’re focused on that payment, you can get stuck paying a higher interest rate, which could rise even higher if not paid fast,” said Mrs. Soriano, a smart buyer.

 Mattos Elementary

Michael Du

Math is the language of the world. Everyone uses it and understands it. Poor people, rich people, even young and old people all use math. Math is used to calculate everything and keeps the world in order. Humans use every type of math from complex algorithms to simple adding and subtracting. All these forms of math are used daily. The day that math was invented was a glorious day indeed and today mathematics is an essential part of human life. Pythagoras, Euclid and Archimedes, and many others have spent their lives delving into this one subject. Math is the beginning of all science and sciences like physics and engineering revolve around math. Because of math we are able to accomplish many things that would otherwise be impossible, like cooking, balancing a checkbook, and verifying information. Without math, these would all be impossible. Math is the key to understanding. Math is logic, logic is understanding, and with no understanding all civilizations would fall apart. A world without math is a world without order, without understanding, and without learning.

Samyak Yadav

Math is used for everything, which is why it is so important. It is used daily, for learning, science and engineering. Math is a huge topic, even computer software is built from it. Math can be used for something as simple as a cash register, or for something as big as the White House. Carpenters need to know angles, and engineers need to know algebra. Math may seem difficult, but it’s a cake walk when you really understand it. Math is one of the subjects that society is built on. Without it, the world’s society would be completely different.  That is why math is so important.

Vallejo Mill Elementary

Zhihui Liang

Math is really important to our life.  Without math we wouldn’t be able to invent anything. We use math to make cars and airplanes.  We can’t build houses without math because we need to measure the length of walls, doors, and windows.  We also have to measure the houses’ angles and how much space it takes up.  People use math to create money. We use money to be fair. Without money, many of us would fight over stuff, because who wouldn’t want free stuff?  We use math to tell time.  The minutes, hours, and days are made by math.  Everybody uses time to keep track of every event.  We use math every day. We use math when building, drawing, shopping, playing on the computer, and working. Math is significant to our lives.

Blacow Elementary

 Alan Henriquez

Everyday students are sitting during math lesson or many math classes impatiently waiting for the math lesson to be over and complaining out loud, “I’m never going to use this stuff in my life!” They might be right in specific responsibilities in different fields in college. However, they don’t think how they accomplish these responsibilities. Math is important because if you think about it, math is everywhere! No matter what job, college, or even daily routine you go or do, you need math. Without math, life could never be the same. Math connects to different subjects such as science, technology, and medical fields. Just think of a company without math, it could never be established. That is why math is important to me.

Madisen Rodriguez

Why is math important? That is a simple question to answer. It’s because math is everywhere and can relate to our daily lives. Cooking and shopping are some of the most common activities. They include math. Not just common activities include math, uncommon activities such as calculating how much fluid is in the human body or trying to find out how many grains of sand are the beach shore.

Math is so important because without it our daily lives would not be possible. We need math to figure out the amount of gas to put in our cars so we don’t get stranded in the middle of nowhere. Math is everywhere and that is why we need it.

Grimmer Elementary

Annabella Mata

Math is important, yes can’t you see.
Math is important, very much to me.
We use math in different places, and use it very well,
so yes can’t you see, math is very swell.
We use it in a race, to tell who won which place.
We use it when we make boats, to tell which dimensions will help it float.
We use math for time, like the numbers on a clock.
The numbers that change, when the clock goes tik tok.
We use math to tell, how tall we are,
and use it to tell the age that we dwell.
We use math for different things, we use math for practically everything.
Math is important, yes you can see.
Math is important, very important to me.

 Angelo Gonzales

In this essay I will prove my point in saying that math is important. Sure they might never graph linear equations and determine slope in a workday, but the cool math skills they acquired while completing these problems will last a lifetime. Math shows you that you can reach a certain series of steps in a particular order, and complete each step without making an effort. 

Life doesn’t allow you to redo anything most of the time, but when it comes to stuff you do over and over on a regular basis, you’re allowed to change in between attempts, for instance consider what you do every morning to get ready for work or school.  If your process consists of waking up and getting ready, having breakfast and going to work, you must complete each step successfully to develop a routine. 

Although, if you miss one step the process is ruined.  Therefore I have proved my point in which saying why math is important.

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