drawing right, Anaya White  (Millard)


The Math Science Nucleus is proud to announce the winners of the Dana Raimondi Math Program Essay Contest on “Why Math is Important.” Competing in 2018 were 300 students from Brier, Blacow,  Durham, Grimmer, Millard and Vallejo Mills, all from Fremont Unified School District.


Above are the winners both First Place and Honorable Mention of the 2018 Dana Raimondi Math Essay Contest.  Dana Raimondi is center. Below are the First Place winning essays for each of the schools.

Blacow Elementary
principal:  Mr. Jose Hernandez
Honorable Mention:  Myles Yolangco, Sarina Cortes

Ashley Han - First Place
teacher: Samantha Salwasser

How often d
Mrs. Raimondi, Ashley Han, Linda Anderson (Fremont Unified School District representative)
o we use Math? Every week? Every month? Wrong, it’s every day, every hour, every time, and everywhere. You use Math everywhere! Home, school, work, stores and everywhere else. So, how do we use Math so much without even knowing we use it? Well, when you want to go to your favorite fro-yo place with your friend; you will need one bowl for you and one for your friend. Even Math is in frozen yogurt because of prices and quantities. So, in this essay, I will discuss how we use Math and how it is important in our lives.

One of my reasons are in daily life. You use Math in your daily routine too. When you go shopping or to restaurants, you use price and quantities. When you go to open your mail, you see bills, coupons, and advertisements. Even in technology and sports, you use Math to keep track of data and points. You literally use Math everywhere!

Another reason of mine is in careers. Like in construction, you measure boards, pipes, and wires. You have to make the building stable. In engineering you use Math since engineering is incorporated in the idea of Mathematics. In banking, you use Math numbers to keep track of the money and the data. Even in music you use Math with different frequencies and notes.

My last reason that I have chosen for this essay is health. Without Math or the number system, you wouldn’t be able to check heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, your height, or weight. Your hospital wouldn’t be able to give you your own prescription. And when you need to undergo and operation, the surgeons need the data which they wouldn’t be able to get without Math.

These are my reasons of why Math is important in our lives. You see! I was right. We use Math every day, every hour, every time everywhere. We use Math in these reasons and way more. I hope you learned a couple of reasons why Math is important.

(Vallejo Mill)
Maryam Naseer
Melissa Munoz

Nevaeh R. Pena - First Place
teacher: Milagro Orantes

Why do some people dislike Math if it is everywhere? Well in these next paragraphs, I will be talking about why Math so important and a few things that people do which include Math when some people don’t even think they are using it.

There is Math included in some great activities, like basketball. In basketball, you have to find the angle to shoot the ball in. There also is ratios such as if one team has scored three points and the other team has scored five points the ratio would be three to five. There also is Math in American football. In American you have to calculate how many kilometers, feet, yards and much more, but you still have to do the ratio like in many sports. If you are in swimming, you have to see how long you can stay underwater.

Furthermore, another thing that you probably do which includes Math is, cooking. When you cook you have to use fractions and proportions. If you use the right amount of ingredients according to the recipe you will probably have a delicious meal, but if you change the recipe you would either still have a delicious meal or maybe not. Other than that, in cooking you also have to use percentages.

Some people are carpenters which are people who build structures. My dad is a carpenter and to do the work that he does he has to use a lot of Math. My father works with shapes, sizes, area and perimeter to create work buildings such as Facebook which is an office building. Not just carpenters do this job but also business people and archeologist. These people do calculations and they also search. The adults I know have great jobs, one of them told me that Math is everywhere and everything but, if you think you are not doing Math you actually are.

In addition, even people use Math in driving and dialing numbers to make a phone call. If someone is dialing numbers to make a phone call they are using formulas. To add, if a person is driving that person is measuring the speed and miles per hour the person is driving. When driving, my mom said that if you are driving you have to use proportions and percentages to know how much gas you need to get to where you need to go.

As a result, Math is everywhere, also did you know that you are using Math right now? Well if you did it’s probably because you just read my essay.

  Brier Elementary
principal:  Mrs. Julie Williams

Honorable Mention:  Isaiah Villalvazo, Muskaan Chilakala, Michelle Nguyen

Prableen Kakar - First Place
teacher: Cristina Quezada

Did you know that it is believed that ancient Egyptians used complex Mathematics such as algebra, arithmetic and geometry as far back as 3000 BC? Math is very important, without Math, you wouldn’t be able to do things such as cooking, shopping, or even watch TV! Three reasons why Math is important are, if Math wasn’t invented, it would be difficult for you to meet your basic needs, if you didn’t know Math, you wouldn’t have a job, and finally, without it you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your hobbies.

My first and foremost reason why Math is important is that without it, it would be hard for you to meet your basic need, such as food, water, and shelter. For example, without the stove, oven, microwave, and other appliances that are used in the kitchen which were all invented using Math is would be hard for you to cook your food. Another example is water. The faucet helps us easily get water using electricity. Try to imagine life without water coming through the faucet! Math was also used while making shelter, for instance, houses, buildings, etc. They used Math to find the area of the rooms, and to decide all the shapes and sizes. All in all we need Math to meet our basic needs.
Twins from Brier Elementary, Prableen and Gurseerat Kakat were both first place winner.  Dr. Karen Anderson (left) is the Master of Ceramony with Dana Raimondi (center) and Linda Anderson (Fremont Unified School District, Direction of Curriculum.

The second reason why Math is important is that if you didn’t know Math, you wouldn’t have a job! Most jobs, such as doctors, and construction workers need to know Math! For example, bankers need to know a lot of Math. They need to be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide money. Another example are archeologists. They need to know how to plot and graph on coordinate grids. Therefore, that makes Math important again. Let’s move on to another paragraph.

Last but not least, the third reason why Math is important is that without Math, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your hobbies. Hobbies such as cooking, gaming, drawing, and watching TV, all can be done using Math. You must be wondering how cooking uses Math? Well, while cooking, you need to measure your ingredients, which is basically Math. Additionally, you use computers to game, and Math helped invents computers. Also when you draw, you use varied shapes and sizes! Even if your hobby is watching TV, you should still thank Math. In fact, TV are practically made of chips, which is engineering, resulting in Math! Therefore without Math, it would be hard to enjoy your hobbies.

To conclude, Math is important as without it in our life, it would be difficult for you to meet your basic needs, if you didn’t know Math, it would be hard for you to find a job, and finally, without it, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your hobbies. Imagine living in a world with no Math. Everywhere you look, people starving because of no food and people homeless without a job. Moreover, no fun video games, or funny TV shows. That is not the kind of world that I would like to live in and definitely not the world that we live in today! Like Galileo once said, “Math is the alphabet that God has used to create the world!”

Gurseerat Kakar - First Place
teacher: Krista Claassen

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, it can be defined as Mathematics, such a simple definition, yet, such a complicated thing. Math is everywhere, whether in a restaurant, paying your bills, handling deals, travelling, in a kitchen, or in your job. It is what Edison used to create the light bulb. It is what sir Isaac Newton used to discover the size of the earth. And it is what engineers still use today to make iphones. Still don’t understand? Let me explain further on why Math is important in day to day life.

It is just common courtesy to leave a tip or a full-service restaurant. But how? Math! Being able to calculate tips take basic division and subtraction. Another way to prove that Math is a life-long skill, is when you are about to pay your bills. You need Math to figure out payments, to come up with a payment schedule, and to deduct what you pay from bank account.

Speaking of bank account; insurance, budgeting, credit cards, interest rates – you need Math to understand all of these concepts. How will you know that the deal you’re being offered is actually a good deal? It is a valuable life skill, with basic Math skills, you can calculate how much time it will take you to reach the airports, and how to get there faster. Making wise life-style choices requires a solid Math brain.

Now let me move on to the most common Math – demanding subject. Food! Whether on the dinner table, or in the kitchen, Math is sure to come useful. Measuring amounts, calculating ratios of ingredients, doubling or tripling, the batch, or even dividing the pizza - it’s is all Math! But, everybody is going to have to get a job at some point in their life, and numbers are necessary for almost every job that you can think of. Whether you are a broker, CEO, a doctor, animator, fashion designer, architect, construction worker, or engineer. So whatever your dream is, build a big Math brain.

As I said earlier, Math is a life-long skill. Math is everywhere. You can’t avoid it. And on day-to-day basis, be it a restaurant, paying bills, handling deals, travelling, in a kitchen, or in a job. Math has formed our world. May be, it can form us even more.

Khushi Shaha - First Place
teacher: Ms. Karen Narveson

You walk into your classroom and slump down on your desk. You come to the worst class of the day: Math. At that moment, your teacher announces that today there will be a pop quiz. How wonderful, not! You then wonder why Math was invented, and what is the purpose? To annoy students? But is Math actually that bad? Was Math actually invented to annoy students? In this essay I will be showing you why Math is important. I hope you enjoy your journey as you explore the beautiful world of Math.

Did you know that there are approximately 5 billion jobs in this world? And there are 3.8 million jobs in the USA alone. Now, I want you to name a job that doesn’t include Math. Got the answer? Hard right? The reason I asked this question was because many people have the misconception that only Scientists, engineers, and teachers use Math. If you are a fashion designer then you have to measure the size of the dress and the scale the design. All of this requires Math. If you are a janitor, then you have to use Math to figure out how much toilet paper is need to make sure each stall as much as needed. All in all, Math is needed and used all around us, we just have to find it.

There must be something you like to do in your free time. For example, reading, cooking, or dancing. Believe it or not, all of these hobbies include Math. For instance, reading. If you have 30 minutes to read, and takes you 2 minutes to read one page, then you can use Math to see how many pages can be read in 30 minutes. Cooking also uses Math to figure out how much of each ingredient is needed for the new recipe. Now, you realized that you are using Math without even knowing.

In conclusion, Math is all around us. Even animals show Math with their uniquely designed homes that show patterns. Anywhere you go, you have to use Math, even if you don’t realize it. I hope I have motivated you to love Math. Always remember, when you aren’t willing to learn, nobody can help. When you are willing to learn, nobody can stop you.

Sommer Mojadidi (Durham)  Yuliya Eruslana (Durham) 

Durham Elementary
principal:  Mrs. Thersa Bonnacorsi
Honorable Mention:  Visweshvar Jegannathan Balasubramanian, Karthikeya Mandusamanu

Alexander Lupoiu - First Place
teacher: Ms. Petrini


Math is an important factor in our lives. Everything in our society relies on Math. From the education system to the stock market and military system, it’s all because of Math that organizes it. Math is the way we speak and makes our daily decisions. We, as humans, couldn’t achieve the great things we have without Math. We can send men to space, and rovers to Mars. We can build skyscrapers that can withstand natural disasters and engineer planes that fly through storms. All of this thanks to Math; we would all probably still be cavemen without it!

Almost everything you do involves Math. When you use time-telling and subtraction to realize that you’re ten minutes before school starts, you use Math. When you use fractions to fill 2/3 of a bowl with milk, and 1/3 of the bowl with cereal, you use Math. When you drive thirty-five miles an hour and school is five miles away, you use proportions to figure out it will take about eight minutes and thirty seconds to get to school; you use Math. Later at the store, you use multiplication to find the total amount paid when you buy three oranges that each cost seventy nine cents; you use Math. At the register you are charged two dollars and thirty cents. You use money counting skills and subtraction to figure out how much money you should receive back if you give the cashier two - one dollar bills and two quarters; you use Math. You have to wake up tomorrow at seven-thirty and need ten hours of sleep. At what time should you wake up? You use Math. From morning to night, you use Math. Imagine what would happen if Math wasn’t there; if it didn’t exist. It would be impossible to go through the day because Math keeps us going.

Math is a universal language; that makes it important. No matter where you go, the Math is still the same. Long ago, during ancient times, traders used Math to talk about deals while negotiating. If all Math was different, how would you know how to pay for imported goods, or how much would you give? You wouldn’t. In conclusion, from ancient times to nowadays, we have been using Math. It helped us become modernly advanced and turned into a daily routine in our lives. Math is one of the most important achievements in human history


Sommer Mojadidi - First Place
teacher: Ms. Teague

Math is used in our everyday lives. Math is used for even the simplest things in the world. One example Math is used for building things like houses, walls, buildings and even bridges. So Math has been alive since ancient times. Everyone uses Math even if they don’t realize it. Another example is, people use it for buying things and shopping. Other people like Scientists use it for identifying things like experiments. You even need Math for medical issues so doctors and nurses use Math for their patients and medicine. Math is also needed for weather and temperature. Teachers also need Math for their students. Adults need Math for their jobs. It’s needed 90% of the time.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that Math is important for certain things and everyone uses it.


Grimmer Elementary
principal:  Ms. Judy Nye

Honorable Mention:  Jesus Garcia, Francisco Guerrero

Melissa Munoz - First Place
teacher: Ms. Aguilar

Have you ever thought of why Math is important? Well if you haven’t you should really think about it because the answer is unbelievable. Now there might be different answers and different opinions, but I have three great reasons that show why Math is important.

First of all, it helps you in everyday life. Although many of us don’t realize it, we use Math almost every second of our lives. We use it at home in things like cooking to watering the plants, because we use measurements and calculations. We also use it at work. Math is used in probably every job you can think of, from a farmer to a doctor. All these examples prove that Math is important in our daily lives.

Second of all, Math helps us develop our minds to make them stronger. Math is a subject that involves high standard thinking, this makes us progress our critical thinking, and our problem solving abilities.

That brings us up to our third reason which is that Math helps prepare us for the future. It helps us because like I said we need Math for all the jobs Math is an important factor to get any job. These three reasons show just how much Math is important to our lives.


Hadrian Sumaoang - First Place
teacher: Ms. Silva


Math is important in many ways. We use it for coding, clocks, devices, and more! Here are some reasons Math is important to all of us.

Clocks are one of the most useful things we use every day. Just imagine a world without it. You don’t know when it is time for your school / work. You will never know when you should sleep or wake up. In order to know you would have to measure the sun with a shadow of something, but you don’t have to because of Math.

Coding is a very important thing in life. With it we made phones, games, computers, and many more. A world without it is the worst. No text, no call, we would be playing with nothing but rocks. It would also be hard to warn people/ message people something urgent.

A world without Math is a world that won’t make sense. No clocks, no time, no phone, it’s hard. That’s is only electronic stuff. You can’t say, “Give me $5.” You would have to say “give me some $.” Actually there won’s be any use for $ if Math doesn’t exist.


 Millard Elementary
principal:  Mrs. Karen Robertson
Honorable Mention: Anya White

Vanisha Mishra - First Place
teacher: Ms. Noele Fraga

Over the centuries, civilization on Earth has been greatly shaped by many attributes. One of these attributes is Mathematics. Math is important because it helps make our life organized and is used in most jobs. Even though it is very hard to believe Math helped the ancient Egyptians to create pyramids. The Egyptians studied some facets of geometry such as figuring out the surface area of three dimensional shapes as well as algebra and architectural engineering to create the massive structures. During the renaissance, Italian merchants were taught the new Hindu-Arabic decimal place value system that helped for business problems to survive today.Math is used by everyone, farmers and scientists, artists and cooks, or doctor and engineers. One simple example is that you have to know the rules of measurement to be a good cook. In summary, the world would not move forward without Math. Believe it or not, dolphins use patterns and addition to hunt. Without Math the world will remain the same forever and I will leave the rest to your imagination.


Vallejo Mill Elementary
Principal  Rosalinda Cuebas Carrero
Honorable Mention:   Aaushi Singh, Maxim Puhoff

 Riya Parlikar - First Place
 Mrs. Finney

Are you someone who thinks that Math sucks? Someone who wonders why we have to learn Math? Someone who thinks Math is the worst or wonder why Math is important? Math is important because every profession uses Math, money requires us to use Math and time involves Math.

Math is important because every profession uses Math. For example if you want to be a doctor, you will have to use Math to measure people’s height, weight, blood flow, blood sugar and temperature. Doctors also use fancy devices such as stethoscope to measure the health of our hearts and lungs. Architects design and build structures that requires the use of Math. They have to measure the area, height and volume of the structures they are building. They even have to figure out how to build a structure that will not collapse when there is a big earthquake. Scientists use Math when they do various experiments. Even if it is as simple as opening a door. It requires measuring how many degrees do you turn the knob? How many seconds does it take you to open the door? How much pressure/ force do you use to open it? Fashion designers use Math to measure and stitch clothes. Their measurements have to be precise or else the clothes won’t look good! Think of any profession and you will find examples of how they use Math.

Does the color green remind you of money? Do you love getting money as a present? Well, money also requires knowing Math! The world runs on money – buying and selling goods. For example, we all need to buy good, clothes, and pay for our shelter to meet our basic needs.

We as a civilization know our history because of our understanding of time. Time is measured in numbers, numbers in Math. People’s daily schedules involve the use of time. For example scheduling vacations, get-togethers and appointments that is all run on time.

Math is important because everything we did, do and will do involve Math. So next time before you pop a candy in your mouth, read the nutrition facts and calories. Then count how many times you chew before you swallow. Finally, ask yourself why Math is important!
Ethan Mehta giving words of wisdom to students.

Simrah Syed - First Place
Mrs. Snelson

Math is used in everyday things and makes life easier for human beings. Most people think that Math is only addition, subtraction, multiplication and division but they’re wrong. Math is used for solving problems, groceries, money and much more. I love Math but most other people don’t. Ratios, fractions, decimals are going to help you get through college and much more. Mathematics is also important to business, for example marketing, sales and accounting. Math will also develop more Scientists. None of us would be able to do anything if Math wasn’t invented.


This year we had a special guest, Ethan Mehta who was a Dana Raimonidi Essay Winner when he went to Vallejo Mill.  He graduated from Washington High School in 2018.  He told the story about how important it was to win the contest.  still remembered the


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