Children's Natural History Museum

Projects and the People Behind Them

The Children's Natural History Museum is a community museum with many community people who have helped catalog, display. We rely on community support and donations to keep this treasure open to the public.

Name Group Project
Derek La Troop273 Making Displays for Exhibits(October,2023)
Darren Cloe Troop 125 Making Display Tables for Children (August, 2022)
Alex  Spencer Girl Scout Gold Award Troop
Paleontologist Discovery Sandbox (complete September, 2017)
Hugh Smith Eagle Scout
Troop  449
Building Benches and Prehistoric Sign (complete October, 2015)
Brian Hannah Eagle Scout
Flower Bed surround Prehistoric Garden (complete June, 2015)
Daya Kulkarni Girl Scout Gold Award Troop
One Step at a Time (complete Feb, 2015)
Alex Henderson Eagle Scout
Children's Gazebo in Prehistoric Garden
(complete April, 2014)
Jacob Johnson Eagle Scout
Troop 448
Teaching Center in Prehistoric Garden (complete 2014)
Eagle Scout
Children's Discovery Sandbox (complete, 2013)
Jason Wu Eagle Scout
Landscaping of Front Prehistoric Garden (complete, 2013)
Vasu Apparao Eagle Scout
Dinosaur Stepping Stones (complete, 2013)
Nicholas Kung Eagle Scout
Pergola in Front Parking Lot  (complete, 2013)
Leadership Fremont Class of 2011 Outside Patio (complete April 2011)
Thomas Matthews Eagle Scout, Troop 153 Refinishing Cabinet and Display Tables (complete December, 2007)