Children's Natural History Museum

Tuesday and Thursday 2-5 pm
Saturday 1-4 pm
 when Museum is open (do not need admission to enter shop)


The Natural History Museum Store is for science lovers. It has many hard to find items like glassware and toys that actually educate children about science and math. We also have a great selection of party favors at a reasonable price. The profits from the sale of these items are used to develop new programs. We also have bulk prices. Buying materials from us really ultimately benefits the community.

An assortment of shells for studying invertebrates of the marine environment Models of dinosaurs and ice age mammals Magnets including bar, logo, and horseshoe...also iron files
The Museum Shop is the place where you can look at the different materials that go along with the Integrating Science, Math, and Technology Program. This program is a K-6 program that includes free lesson plans on line (768 labs). Earth Science materials for secondary schools are also available.  Check our free curriculum online.
Scientific placemats from solar system to periodic table Prints from our museum and rock candy A great collection of educational rocks and minerals
Posters and Relief maps Beakers, Erlenmeyer Flasks, Graduated Cylinders and more....
Perler beads for design Globes and models Biological models and electricity set ups

Affordable  materials for class sets and great prizes

If you have any questions please give us a call (510)790-6284 or email Our prices are usually cheaper than most places because we want teachers and parents to teach science the hands-on way!