Second Grade NGSS
Plants, Growth, Pollination


Long term project: How do the seasons affect plant growth?

  Pre Lab Post NGSS correlation
How to measure height of plants
(long term project)
PRE  Students learn how measure and record data over time POST ETS1.B Designing a long term experiment; LS2-1 investigations on growth
Native versus Non native plants   What is milkweed?   LS4.D  Diversity of plants
Plant Classification PRE 

Grouping different plants especially flowering (angiosperms) and non flowering (gymnosperms

POST LS2.2  Pollination of plants
Flowers and Pollination   .Learn about the parts of a flower and exploring pollination   LS4.D  Diversity of plants
Designing a pollinator garden PRE Exploring the elements of a garden to attract pollinators   LS2.2  Pollination of plants ETS1.A Design ETS1.B communicating solutions
Nutrients in Soil PRE Learning about elements and those found in soil   PS1.A  Looking at elements
Habitat Enhancement for pollinators PRE  Planting flowers in Science Garden   LS2.2  Pollination of plantsETS1.A Design ETS1.B communicating solutions

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