K-6 Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)

Mattos Science Magnet  Model
Fremont Unified School District

The Math Science Nucleus and Mattos Elementary, a science magnet school in the Fremont Unified School District, trains parents to help teachers conduct more hands-on science. 
Liza Muzaffery, principal of Mattos in 2014-16 initiated the program with Drs. Todd Harris (Physicist) and Dacia Hinton (Cell Biologist), leaders of the Parent Science Committee to train parents to help in the second science lab. Teachers take their students to a newly built science lab and alongside the parents will be conducting hands-on science lesson that the Math Science Nucleus has been customizing for Mattos by  Drs. Joyce Blueford  (Geologist) and Karen Anderson (Archeologist). The lessons correlates to NGSS  (Next Generation Science Standards).  Dr. Jim Morris, Superintendent of FUSD is supportive of the program.  In 2016, Mattos won a Golden Ribbon Award from the State of California on its science and technology program.

Overview of lessons and NGSS correlation per grade
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  Overview NGSS correlation
Kindergarten Temperature, Water, and Weather ESS2;PS3;ETS1A
First Grade Light, Shadows, and Seasons ESS-1(1-2), PSS-4(2-3)
Second Grade Plants, Growth, and Pollination ETS1.B; PS1.A; LS(2-4)
Third Grade Life Cycles, Growth, and Development LS(1-3)
Fourth Grade Biogeology and Heat Generation PS3.2, 4-LS1-1;ESS2.E;ETS1.A
Fifth Grade Water, Ecosystems, Human Impact PS1-3;ESS(2,3)C, LS2
Sixth Grade Water Cycle, Weather, Climate, Change over time NGSS - MS_ESS2 


Parents are trained on how to teach to appropriate age level, while adding inquiry, process, and hands-on.  Below are draft version (in Word) of the written materials that the parents will be using (you can download the 6 lessons as ).  The labs also represent skill sets that the teachers felt the students needed more practice with (i.e., reading a thermometer, reading a compass).

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