Electronic Slideshows

These slideshows help teachers discuss key elements of the "Electronic Textbooks."  They are created  to be used with projection computers or big screen television with computer hook ups.  Students can review materials at home, so they better understand the lectures. We are developing these with grants and memberships, so please be patient. (Additional slideshows)


    slideshow      script for teacher to use slideshow effectively
  Reason for Numbers (Flash)      Script  
Physical Science - Measurement - Lesson 1
  Integers, Number Lines, and Graphs (Flash)      Script  
     Physical Science - Equations of Science - Lesson 4
  Ratio and Proportion (Flash)      Script  
Physical Science - Scientific Method - Lesson 3
  Analyzing Data  (Flash)      Script  
Earth Science - Past Life - Lesson 1
  Shapes and Angles (Flash)      Script
     Physical Science -  Measurement - Lesson 3  

Applied Science

     Science and Math      Fibonacci-tesselations (pdf)
     Games  (pdf)
     Graphing (pdf)
     Perception (pdf)
     Symmetry (pdf)
     Physics      Electricity (Flash)
     Energy (pdf)
     Interaction  (pdf)
     History of Electricity (Flash)
     Light (Flash)  
Light (pdf)
     Magnetism (pdf)
     Magnetism (ppt)
     Physics of Toys (Flash)
     Technology      Machines (pdf)
     Microscopes History (Flash)
     Optics (pdf)
     Swift GH (pdf)
     Build Environment      Built General (pdf)

Universe Cycle

     Universe      Galaxy (pdf)
     History (pdf)
     Stars (pdf)
     Searching the Universe(new)(Flash)
     Searching the Universe(old) (Flash)
     Solar System      Planet (pdf)
     Solar System and Beyond (Flash)
     Earth      Earth General  (pdf)
     Geography      Maps (pdf)
     Uses (pdf)

Plate Tectonic Cycle

     Volcano      Recent (pdf)
     Volcano (Flash)
     Earthquakes      General (pdf)
     Plate Tectonics      Plate General  (pdf)
     Hazard      General (pdf)

Rock Cycle

     Chemistry      Matter  (Flash)
     Periodic (pdf)
     pH (pdf)
     Minerals      Characteristics (pdf)
     Family (pdf)
     Rock Forming Minerals (pdf)
     Silicates  (pdf)
     Rocks      General Rock (pdf)
     Metamorphic (pdf)
     Mining (pdf)
     Sand (pdf)
     Three (pdf)
     Rock Cycle  (Overview) (Flash)
     Past Life      Dinosaurs  (Flash)
     Fossil (pdf)
     Preservation (pdf)
     What is a fossil?  (Flash)
     A Mammoth Find (Ice Age)

Water Cycle

     Water      Water General (pdf)
     Watershed (pdf)
     Watersheds 5th ppt
     Water (Flash)
     Human Impacts from Climate Change
6th ppt
     Oceans      Oceans (pdf)
     Ocean Motions  6th ppt
     Ocean Conveyor Thermocline (NASA) 6th video
     Perpetual Motion (MIT) 6th grade video
     Atmosphere      Atmosphere (pdf)
     Clouds (pdf)
     Oceans and Atmosphere  6th ppt
     Weather      El Nino (pdf)
     Weather (pdf)

Life Cycle

     Organisms     Animal Teeth (Herbivores vs Carnivores) (Flash)    
     Arthropods (pdf)
     Arthropods 3th  ppt
     Birds (pdf)
     Butterflies (pdf)
     Fish (Flash)  Fish (Android)
     Insect or Bug (pdf)
     Invertebrates (pdf)
     Marine Invertebrate (pdf)
     Microscopes  (pdf)
     Mimicry (Bees and Flies)  3rd  ppt
     Organism (pdf)
     Tracks (pdf)
     Whales (pdf)
     Who makes shells?  ppt
     Human Biology      Bones (pdf)
     Brain (pdf)
     Hair (pdf)
     Heart (pdf)
     Senses (pdf)
     Systems General (pdf)
     Human Biology (Flash)
 Skeleton (ppt)
     Teeth (pdf)
     Plants      Plants general (pdf)
     Parts of a Flower (2nd) ppt
     Pollinator Garden brochure pdf
     Natural Environment      Compost  4th ppt
     Environments (pdf)
     Owl Pellets (Flash)
     Soil (pdf)
     Soil 4th ppt