Third Grade NGSS
Life Cycles, Growth and Development


Long term project:  How does the diversity of organisms change in garden over time?

  Pre Lab Post NGSS correlation
Classifying organisms
(long term project)
PRE  Classifying different arthropods and other critters found in Science Garden   LS1-1  Diverse Life Cycles
Life Cycles of Organisms PRE Investigating different types of metamorphosis by grouping organisms POST LS1-1  Diverse Life Cycles; LS1.B growth and development of organisms
Butterflies and Moths

Contrasting and comparing Butterflies and Moths

  LS1.B  growth and development of organisms
Beetles (Coeloptera) and True Bugs (Heteroptera)   Comparing Beetle and True Bug characteristics and investigate ladybugs   LS1.B  growth and development of organisms
  Exploring the importance of ants in  the ecosystem   LS2-1  Organisms form groups to survive
Bees (Hymertoptera) and Flies (Diptera) Co- evolution Mimicry   Examining co-evolution between  bees and flowers; comparing and contrasting bees and hoverflies (mimicry)   LS3-2  traits influenced by environment
Engineering Hives   Design insect chambers with hexbugs.   LS1-1 Develop models of growth

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