Fourth Grade NGSS
Biogeology and Heat Generation


Long term project:  Charting heat flow from decomposition of school food waste.

  Pre Lab Post NGSS correlation
Energy and Dcomposition
(long term project)
 Measuring heat energy created from decomposition Preparing the Experiment Compost Party (Greens and
PS3.2: Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer-Heat
ESS2.E: Biogeology
Decomposers   Students look at different type of decomposers   4-LS1-1. Plants contribute nutrients needed for decomposition
ESS2.E: Biogeology
Organisms in composting   Looking at composting organisms   ESS2.E: Biogeology
 Mold in the environment   Mold in Environment   ESS2.E: Biogeology
Rocks in the Lithosphere PRE Erosion of Rocks creates Sand POST ESS2.A: Earth Materials
Soil Description PRE Identification and classification of Soil POST ESS2.E: Biogeology  4-LS1-1. Plants contribute nutrients needed for decomposition
Enriching Soil with Compost   Making a mixture of compost and soil and fertilizing the science garden  

ETS1.A: Defining Engineering Problems

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