Next Generation Science Standards has many school districts looking for new ways to teach science.   The I. Science MaTe Reference Curriculum can help schools and teachers use our research to see how to level materials at appropriate grade levels.  In our program we spiral content from year to year, but this can help you understand how to "level" content and process.

In the lower grades we want the students to discover scientific principles, so  they play with magnets, sort rocks, melt ice, and other phenomena that they learn to describe.  Students develop a way to use what they discovered and describe and learn to compare.  Once they learn how to compare they learn to interpret using math (quantitate).

To assist teachers we also have free "Storybooks"  that a teacher can read to students to get students intereste.  Included are some songs (i.e.  Ricky the Rapping Rock).  We also have animated "Slideshows" (flash) and powerpoint and pdf that you can use with students. 

Interested is customization we offer consultant services.  Look at some of customization for docent/teacher program in Fremont Unified School District.  Please email us at msn@msnucleus.org.

Please note that the elementary is complete online, but we never completed the secondary because  of monetary constraints. 

Access to the K-12 Integrating Science, Math, and Technology Reference Curriculum is FREE.  Educators or parents may use the copyrighted material in their classroom.  However, in return we would like to receive your email, so we can send you update alerts.   We will not provide this list to any other service.  You can unsubscribe at any time.  You can still access the material without giving us your email. 

When you go to our home page, click on the I. Science MaTe Free Access symbol and enter over 35  years of research on how children learn science content. 

This will give you access to both the elementary and secondary curriculum, over 6000 pages of reference material based on research with children.  

On our website under Catalog, you can view the materials by content. If you would like to download the kits needed for each grade level, click here (2MB).  Prices are subject to change so please look at online catalog for up-to-date prices.   These are not printable. Teachers or parents  may want to consider purchasing a copy of the material on CD if they have slow internet access.  It will allow easy use of the material in the classroom.  

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If you need any of the hands-on materials please look at our online catalog.  We are a non-profit and all funds goes into the many projects we coordinate.  

Integrating Science, Math, and Technology (K-6) (I.Science MaTe)  A complete science program for every week of a child's K-6 experience.  Includes 3 lesson plans for 34 weeks.  Includes all science subjects weaved through Applied Science, Universe Cycle, Plate Tectonic Cycle, Rock Cycle, Water Cycle, and Life Cycle.  Hands-on materials available in our Catalog. 

Integrating Science, Math, and Technology continues into secondary school.  These modules increase the knowledge from the Elementary I. Science MaTe.  Each module can be developed into a semester or year course depending on the instructor.  An electronic textbook for students is part of the program.  Hands-on activities are built from the textbook. Included are Biology, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Human Biology.

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