Need curriculum developed for your school district?

Our nationís children are not living up to their potential in science.  Complaining will not help students achieve success in the world market.  Action is the answer!  Locating new science programs that will guarantee results are hard to find.

Implementing new science standards is difficult.  After 18 years of extensive research on content, process, and implementation the Integrating Science, Math, and Technology curriculum was born. The curriculum focuses on the development of science content that progressively increases childrenís understanding of science throughout the grades. The results of our research can be found on our website.

The I. Science MaTe  (K-6) is a 34 week program per grade level.  Every year students learn fundamental content in Applied Science, Universe Cycle, Plate Tectonic Cycle, Rock Cycle, Water Cycle, and Life Cycle. 

I. Science MaTe(Secondary) program provides two hands-on labs per week for a semester of Biological Sciences, Earth Sciences, Physical Sciences, and Process Skills.

Our research on studentís comprehension of science, helps us create customized hands-on curriculum designed to your school district.  As  consultants, we assess your district and then create an action plan to improve performance of  both  teachers and students.

We can show your district how technology can make  grading, assessing, and delivering content, exciting and easy within a classroom.   See our demonstration labs to experience the advantages of  electronic textbooks, internet access, and digital presentations. Affordable technology is at your finger tips to provide your students with marketable and life-long skills.

 MSN staff conducts customized science and math workshops for teachers of all levels.  Workshops are hands-on and provide instructions on how to effectively teach students through learning science content. Classroom management is also emphasized.

PRICES: We help districts use various funding sources, including grants. We also can provide materials to go along with the curriculum, at about half the price of most science retailers.  We are a 501(c)3 organization and our funds go into helping schools get science into schools.

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