These free animated electronic storybooks help teach science in a fun and entertaining manner. Notice on the right they are linked to our Integrating, Science, Math and Technology Reference Curriculum.  This provides a lesson plan for teachers.  All platform links can be seen on cell phones, lap tops, or computers.  

Applied Science  (other recommended books used in curriculum)

    Mugambi's Moving Moon           Applied Science - Physics KA (Pre)
    Light Magic  (English, Tigrinya)          Applied Science - Physics 1A (Pre)
    The Crazy Toy Scientist           Applied Science -  Physics 2A (Lab)
     Electricity Song         Applied Science - Physics 2B (Post)
      Applied Science - Physics 3B (Pre)

    Electrons and the Hairy Monster         Applied Science - Physics 3A (Pre)
     Night without Light          Applied Science - Technology 3B (Post)
     Poly Mer         Applied Science - Science and Math 6C (Pre)
     The Naked Eye            Applied Science -  Science and Math KC (Lab)    
       Applied Science - Technology 5B (Pre)
      A Child of Rancho Arroyo de la Alameda         Applied Science - Built Environment 3(Pre) 

Universe Cycle (other recommended books used in curriculum)

Plate Tectonic Cycle  (other recommended books used in curriculum)

Rock Cycle (other recommended books used in curriculum)

Water Cycle (other recommended books used in curriculum)

Life Cycle (other recommended books used in curriculum)

    Phoca, the Traveling Harbor Seal   
     Life Cycle - Organisms 1B (Lab)
     Frog Tales       Life Cycle - Organisms 2B (Post)
     Ant Trails          Life Cycle - Organism 3B (During)
     Simona's Nature Adventures in Eritrea, East Africa   (English, Tigrinya)         Life Cycle - Organisms  3A (Post)
     Painted Lady Butterfly        Life Cycle - Organism 3B (Post)
     Octa          Life Cycle - Organism 4B (Pre)
     Gimpy the Goose    
    Human Bone Poem      Life Cycle - Human Biology KB (Pre)
   A Broken Heart (Rita Anselmo)   
     Life Cycle - Human Biology 1B (Lab)
   My Belly Hurts        Life Cycle  - Human Biology 3A (Pre)
   Skeletal Hip Hop (song)      Life Cycle - Human Biology 5A (Pre)
   What is a tree?  (English, Spanish, Korean, Tigrinya)         Life Cycle - Plants KA (Pre Lab)
   The Colors of Fall         Life Cycle - Plants 4B (Pre Lab)
   Gary the Gardner       Life Cycle - Plants 2B (Post)
    Growing Up Ohlone               Life Cycle - Plants 3B (Post)
   Fig Man          Life Cycle - Plants 5B (Pre) 
    Murder in the Mud        Life Cycle - Natural Environment 4B (Lab)
   Owl Pellet Party         Life Cycle - Natural Environment 2B (Post Lab)
   Working on the Food Chain          Life Cycle - Natural Environment  KB (Lab) 
     Life Cycle - Natural Environment 2A (Pre Lab)
   Through a Frog's Eye     
     Life Cycle - Natural Environment 3B (Post) 
    Wetland in the City           (for field trip at Tule Ponds) 
    Wetland in the City (long)           Life Cycle - Natural Environment 6A (Pre)
     Compost Break Dance         Life Cycle - Natural Environment 4A (Post)
     Flight of the Raptors          Life Cycle - Natural Environment 5B (Lab)


     Flowers of Today (Amharic)       Teaches children numbers in Amharic, a language spoken in Ethiopia.s       x