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Scientifically Guided Reforestation Using Food Waste
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Non profit partners include Masonic Home who owns the land and wants to enhance stewardship of it's land currently used for grazing of livestock; Tri-Ced Community Recycling is a solid waste provider for the area; and Math Science Nucleus manages this site as well as training volunteers and staff provided by California State University, East Bay, Tri-Ced and Masonic Home. They are also are conducting limited research on the method that is developing.

We are always looking for volunteers to help not only reforest the area but to also enhance the lives of the residents.  We are currently looking for people to help out with replanting and with the Masonic Home Flying Club which is adjacent to the trees.  We will be having a meeting on September 29, 2018 at the site to discuss projects.  Ideal for Eagle Scout or adult projects (over 15 years old). If you would like to learn more:

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