Vision 2026 is a project funded  from Alameda County Supervisor 2, Richard Valle, Supervisor. It reaches out to the community to understand about Healthy Living and Environment.  We have linked it to our Masonic Home Composting and Reforestation Project to get the local community to understand the significance. 

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       Goal 1: Healthy Communities will be achieved by offering students opportunities, through classes and fieldtrips, to participate in and learn urban farming techniques. Using plant boxes, and soil rehabilitation and planting, students will have hands on experience with creating, tending and harvesting an urban garden.

        Goal 2: Environmental Health will be a achieved through fieldtrips to a compost/reforestation project located on Masonic Home land, where students will have the opportunity to observe and participate in successful composting and reforestation practices that foster environmental health. Interactive site tours and planting activities will offer hands on experience to students in order to familiarize them with these important processes. Also, the Masonic Home site will facilitate soil rehabilitation through the addition of food waste, manure and woodchips.

        Goal 4: Preventative Health Care will be achieved via the creation of urban gardens both at the Masonic Home site and on school sites depending on available space. The Masonic Home site will also be home to a cultural garden that will grow important plants used for health reasons for Native American populations.  These gardens will offer materials and locations that will allow the MSN and school staff to engage in a food as medicine approach to personal health a greater focus on wholesome diet for daily personal health.

         Goal 5: Integrated Health Care will be achieved be providing the teachers at Guy Emanuel and Searles with a curriculum that follows with California state science framework, social studies framework and health education framework, and will enable the students to take field trips to the Masonic Home site and Composting/Reforestation project in order to learn about urban farming and composting, basic holistic traditional medicine, environmental restoration, and healthy living through environmental and personal health.