for High School Students

Wetland Restoration can range from a major creek corridor renovation to removing old concrete dams and other barriers so water can move naturally.  Restorations can be the endeavors of a few concerned citizens or the collaboration of many city governments and federal agencies.  Depending on the scale that you would like to restore, anything is possible with enough money and volunteer support. 

The Math Science Nucleus would like to recognize the San Francisco Foundation for the majority of funding this document.   We would also like to thank California ReLeaf who helped fund the tools used in this project as well as the section on using tools and Gary the Gardener animation.  We would also like to thank the support of Alameda County Flood and Conservation District for the privilege to use the Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon Wetland Center for training of students. 

Restoration   Part 1(pdf)
       What is wetland restoration?   
       San Francisco Estuarine Wetlands

Background   Part 2 (pdf)
      Importance of water
      Water chemistry

Skills needed for Restoration Part 3 (pdf)   
      Plants and Maintenance
      Biological Assessment

Planning your Project    

 Animated poem on using tools Gary the Gardener