Teaching Science and Technology to Children of Developing Nations

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Curriculum Examples

Hands-on Materials


  • Teachers read how to instruct using English version of lesson plans.
  • Worksheets and online activities are translated & customized by MSN team and Eritrean teachers.   You can create pdf files online to then create paper copies for students.  Below are examples of units on human body and plants translated for children using the Tigrinya language.
  • This is a storybook in its beginning stage about children who search for new objects throughout Eritrea.  Storybooks for young children in developing countries have to engage their minds with familiar sights. Giving children heroes and heroines, like themselves are empowering. Customizing this curriculum takes time.

  • Writing stories around science contents requires graphics that are enticing for the child in all of us.  Simona's Nature Adventures in Eritrea is the finished story.    The entire development was done on the internet.   The author lives in California, the illustrator lives in Asmara, Eritrea, and the animator lives in New Jersey 
  • This is an example of a completed story in English  called "Lucy Lava" translated and customized to Eritrea into a story called "Alid Lava". The story line was adjusted to revolve around their local volcanoes. 

  • We are  learning how to develop our storybooks to accommodate different languages and cultures.  For example to create Simona's Nature Adventures in Eritrea in English took about 2 to 3 weeks.  However, to convert to another language like Trigrinya only took about 1day.  In some cases we created a new multimedia presentation to go along with traditional teaching at a certain grade level.  This song on the senses is taught to all first graders in Eritrea.



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