Teaching Science and Technology to Children of Developing Nations

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    Dr. Joyce Blueford, Teclu Tesfazghi of the Math/Science Nucleus and Yosieph Tekie of Microsoft Corp visited Eritrea with. 4 staff from the University of Washington who were investigating liaisons with the University of Asmara. 
  • Met with the Minister of Education to discuss plans.
  • Selected a pilot training facility in Asmara (Teacher Training Institute)..
  • Visited with over 50 staff members from Ministry of Education to discuss their needs.
  • Met with about 100 high school teachers to get their impressions of science, math, and technology in Eritrea.
  • Met with about 50 students to see how they responded to pen computers and graphical presentations.  
  • Left science equipment and software of current I. Science MaTe Curriculum


Dr. Blueford, Doris Raia, and David Lundeen with the help of Richard Nearing from  Firefly Learning Inc redesigned the materials to run on the server at the Asmara Teacher Training Institute (ATTI). 
  • Reformat materials to be be used in Eritrea.
  • Ship science equipment to Eritrea 
  • Secure funding for Phase II
  • Trial "run-through" of presentations by Trainer with local Eritrean community
Teclu Tesfazghi and David Lundeen visited Asmara to set up the ATTI for training teaching.  Office is set up to house materials. 
  • Refinement of materials based on feedback from US trials
  • Math/Science Nucleus staff to visit Eritrea to set up hardware in Eritrea Training Facility if necessary. Provide support for last minute changes and troubleshoot any problems.
  • Evaluation of Facility for future projects.
Joyce Blueford and Doris Raia  refined the computer network at ATTI and set up materials for training purposes. 
  • Trained 3 people to maintain computer lab at ATTI.
  • Used computer lab and newly set up teacher workroom to train 20 teachers.
  • Refined delivery system of Integrating Science, Math, and Technology Reference Curriculum on Intranet.
  • Set up 9 lesson plans to be piloted with the students at ATTI.
  • Developed strategies to help teachers use science materials.
  • Discussed future plans to pilot material in elementary schools.
  • A public event to highlight achievements of project  Challenging the Children of Eritrea
Joyce Blueford and Oscar Rosenbloom develop funding strategy to help teachers and work out details with the Minister of Education, Osman Saleh
  • Ali Suleman appointed as National Coordinator of  Eritrea Math, Science, and Technology Project
  • Tiiu and Frank Adamek, Canada spend 6 weeks working with Ali to determine which schools will be the first pilot
  • Phaesun (Francis Hillman)  and CTS (Alazar Haile Michael in Asmara are consulted to work with project.


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