to the Math Science Nucleus (2008-2009)

Children's Natural History Museum (Fremont)

Robert Wieckowski Family $5,000.00
Ohlone Audubon Society $1500
Ken Miller $1000.00
Seagate Technology $1000
Robson Homes LLC  $500.00
Paula Quinterno $250.00
Frank Delfino $250.00

Oscar Rosenbloom
Ray and Maureen Watson
Alvin Dockter
Marie Danner
Ilse Seaver
Mark Hirsch
David and Florence Stronck
Cheree Hethershaw
Jeff G. Schwob
William and Shirley Seaver
Phil and Pat Gordon
Harrison Family Trust
Adrienne Stephens
Evelyn Cormier
Sandra Ferreira
John Melendez
Tri-City Ecology Center
Janet Gordon




Tule Ponds at
Tyson Lagoon Wetland Center (Fremont)

 Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
New United Motors Manufacturing (NUMMI)  $1000.00
Oakland "A's"  $1000.00

Integrating Science, Math and Technology Reference Curriculum (International)

Dana Odgen Raimondi $25,000.00
Alfonso Raia  $10,000.00
LAM Research $5000.00
Seagate Technology $2000.00




Math/Science Nucleus

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