Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon 
for more information contact Math Science Nucleus
msn@msnucleus.org  or (510)790-6284

Video of Tule
by Daenerys Pineda
Field Trips

Volunteer Dates for Tule Ponds
email:  msn@msnucleus.org
ALL SATURDAYS 9-12 unless noted
special Saturday afternoon 1-3 pm for Irvington Benchmark from Oct - Jan,
except October 28, Nov 18, and Dec 9

note:  Nov 18th if steady rain, work will be a halted
if scattered rain showers you may come in especially if you need training

Month DATE 
TIME:  9:00 AM- 12 noon

Students can work individual or in small groups; lots of outside work
Volunteers are recommended to wear garden work clothes due to field work!

Community workdays are open to all high school students, Eagle and Girl Scouts, Senior Citizen groups, other community groups and individuals.   

  • (collecting and/or sowing seeds)
  • Native plant installation (planting trees, shrubs or wildflowers)
  • Non-native plant removal
  • Trash removal from ponds and trails
  • Spreading mulch and chips around plants and on trails
  • Tree and trail maintenance (watering and pruning)
  • Docents for Open Houses
  • Transplanting nursery plants from the greenhouse

    Service learning hours can be earned by designing and carrying out individual or group science projects.  Some examples of projects are:

    • Increasing butterfly habitat
    • Habitat restoration for amphibians and reptiles
    • Water sampling from the ponds and/or lagoon to monitor water quality
    • Stream ecology (which may include monitoring aquatic organisms such as fish and invertebrates)
    • Bird studies and bird nest box monitoring
    • Removal of non natives
    • Growing native trees from seeds

    Community service hours can be earned by coming to our Saturday Service Days helping us with the most pressing need.  

Irvington High School
benchmark "change" 
new projects starts October, 2023
email to:  Monica Esqueda (esqueda@msnucleus.org)

Environmental "Change" Projects available (pdf)
Above are types of projects we normally have at Tule Ponds. 

Short Documentary on Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon (background information)
by Alfred Ukudeev-Freeman

video on removal of shrubs/trees  click here

video (2021-22) background  click here
instagram:  tuleponds

1. View zoom video to see how to apply for a service project.  Click here
to see video on YouTube  
2. Then submit an application and 
we will confirm when you can work on your project

 All candidates must submit a project application (click on method)
(download, fill out, and send to esqueda@msnucleus.org) 

JOTFORM (online form, perferred method, easy to use with phone )

 Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon, located in Fremont  (1999 Walnut Ave, behind the Fremont BART station), is open for community service and service learning on the days listed below.  You do not need to sign up for the event, just drop in.  Wear appropriate clothes.  Click here for more information on
Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon.

Possible service project could include:

1.  Removal of invasive species including ivy, blackberry, pitchfork, and many other weeds
2.  Prevention of non native species from growing
3.  Composting for native
4.  Tree care
5.  Native seed gathering and propagation
6.  Trash pick up and determination of where it came from

Projects can include some of the following topics:

How do non-native plants affect organisms?
Can cattails affect an aquatic environment?
How do tules help clean storm water from heavy metals?
How can you control feral cat population in a wetland environment?
What plants are important to bring back native butterflies?
How can you prevent trash from entering wetlands?
Are there natural ways to remove non-native grasses?
Why do migratory birds use Tule Ponds?
Why do you want to increase native trees in an area?
How can you introduce more native worms to an area?

You can find other project ideas by going to the following pages:

click here


Students, teachers, and community members interested in environmental restoration, volunteering, tree planting, or other functions of the Math Science Nucleus in Fremont, California area.

Volunteer Opportunities
 Mailing list!

 email address

Community workdays are open to all high school students.  You may  email if you are planning to attend so we can have appropriate tools available.  However drop in volunteers are welcomed.  You should look at the information on our website on Tule Ponds.   Projects that might be of interest to students can be found by clicking here.  If you are interested please email Dr. Blueford  (blueford@msnucleus.org) about a possible project. If you are not an Irvington Student and would like to do a longer term project, please email and we can arrange a project.