Helping Hands Science
These classes can be used to provide not only a science lesson to students, but to also show teachers different techniques in teaching science.  Materials are available for students to work in partners or individually depending on the subject and grade level.   In most classes students create and keep a hands-on activity. Each one hour program uses electronic storybooks or slideshows, 1-2 hands on activities and a fun presentation to supplement classroom learning. One class at a time with a minimum of 2 classes per visit.

Currently serving Fremont, Newark,  and Union City

Schools outside this area please contact us for price quote.  We also have other labs available that are part of our Integrating Science, Math, and Technology Program.  We can customize a program for your school.  Contact us for more information (510)790-6284 or

We also can design classes on a more frequent bases per grade level.  Email Dr. Blueford (blueford@msnucleus,org)

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Cost per Classroom
$200 for one class
$300.00  two classes
$400.00   three classes
$500.00   four classes

Subjects at a Glance and Standard Correlation download lesson plan download workbook

Seasons(1st Grade)  Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles (NGSS-1-ESS-1)

pdf none

Reflection and Refraction(1st Grade)  Waves:  Light and Sound (NGSS—1-PSS-4)

pdf none
Magnetism (2nd grade) Matter (NGSS-2-PSS-1) pdf pdf
Minerals and Rocks (2nd grade) Earth's Place (NGSS-2-ESS-1) pdf pdf
Electricity (3rd Grade) NGSS-3-PS2 pdf pdf
Patterns in the Sky (3rd Grade) NGSS-3-ESS-2 pdf pdf
Light (4th Grade) NGSS-4 -PS3/PS4 pdf pdf
Fossils through Time (4th Grade)  History of Planet Earth NGSS-4-ESS1.C pdf pdf
Owl Pellet Party (5th Grade)  NGSS-5-LS-2 pdf pdf
Elements and Compounds (5th Grade) NGSS-5-PS1 pdf pdf
California Volcanoes(6th Grade)  NGSS-6-EES2-3 pdf pdf
Local Topographic and Geological Maps(6th Grade)  NGSS-6-ESS2-3 pdf pdf

First Grade

Seasons:  Students will explore seasonal patterns of Earth’s revolution and rotation through hands-on observations.   Electronic slideshows simulates the night time sky.Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles (NGSS-1-ESS-1)
Reflection and Refraction:  Students will explore reflection and refraction through hands-on activities.  Light Magic, an electronic storybook illustrates light movement.Waves:  Light and Sound (NGSS—1-PSS-4)

Second Grade 

Students learn about magnetism by exploring repel and attraction to objects.   They will compare different magnets to find north and south
.  Matter (NGSS-2-PSS-1)

Minerals and Rocks
Students learn about the rock cycle  and environments of formation of igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic.  Students describe and compare minerals. They will classify and sort different rocks.  Earth’s Place (NGSS-2-ESS-1)


Third Grade

Electricity: Students will learn about  static and current electricity through simple experiments. They will  compare how electricity and magnetism are related through hands on activities. Motion and Stability, Forces (NGSS– 3-PS2)

Patterns in the Sky
Stars move to an Earth observer in patterns.  Students will learn how to recognize several of the constellations and how that signals the different seasons.  The moon’s movement will help illustrate our changing perspectives on Earth. 
Earth’s Systems (NGSS-3-ESS-2)

Fourth Grade

Light: Light is an electromagnetic wave. Students use mirrors, prisms and minerals to understand how light moves. Students will observe reflection and refraction and how energy is obtained from light.  Energy (NGSS-4-PS3/PS4)

Life through Time: Students will sort and identify different fossil replicas through the Phanerozoic including Paleozoic, Mesozoic and Cenozoic  History of Planet Earth (NGSS-4-ESS1.C)

Fifth Grade

Elements and Compounds   
Students will compare different elements and use the periodic table to look at properties.  Students will look at different types of salt, as they explore the make-up of the compound NaCl (salt).  Matter and Interactions (NGSS-5-PS1)

Owl Pellet Party:  Students will learn about the ecosystem of an owl by dissecting their pellets. Compare the different producers and consumers to understand the food chain.  They learn how to identify  different bones found in the pellets.  Ecosystems - (NGSS-5-LS-2)

Sixth Grade

California Volcanoes
Subduction in the northern part of the California produces the volcanoes of the Cascade Range.  Old subduction causes the volcanoes in the  south east part of the state.  Compare different rocks and learn about which volcanoes are sleeping, ready to erupt when conditions are  right. 
Earth’s Systems (NGSS-6-ESS2-3)

Local Topographic and Geological Maps
Students look at local topographic and geological maps and look at the rocks and landforms of the area.  They learn how maps are important in understanding how the Earth formed.
Earth’s Systems (NGSS-6-ESS2-3)

Why choose Helping Hand Science?

Convenience We come to you. No missed hours for transportation, not having enough chaperones and other issues involved with traditional field trips
Hassle free 
You provide the classroom,  students, screen or wall and electricity.  We provide materials, activities, electronic equipment and everything else needed.
Experience Our instructors bring with them over 25  years of experience and training in hands-on curriculum based on science content.
Fun Each presentation has been developed to make science fun and engaging for your students so that they can remember the information for years to come.
Standards Based Presentations are aligned with CA state science standards and designed to help improve student achievement on the California Standards Test.

Please Note: These lessons are not the same as Field Trips to the Math Science Nucleus. 

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