California Nursery Historical Park

Uncovering Fremont History - California Nursery Company
speaker:  Joyce R. Blueford, Ph.D. Math Science Nucleus

sponsored by
Washington Township Historical Society

TALK:  May 24, Monday 7-8 pm  register for zoom meeting


The Niles district in Fremont was known for its agricultural contributions to the newly formed State of California. It was home to many orchards and nurseries but one of the most successful in North America was the California Nursery Company which started in San Jose in 1865 and moved to Niles in 1884. The California Nursery Company story in Fremont starts with John Rock, a German immigrant who served in the Civil War. He developed new methods of plant propagation which was an evolving science in the late 1800's. He worked with the renowned plant breeder, Luther Burbank.

This overview will follow the growth of the nursery and horticultural business in Niles from Rock to three generations of the famous Roeding Family from Fresno.  The exotic Bulb Festivals with local "tulip girls" brought hundreds of thousands of people to take a tour of the nursery's 500 acres. Trees from this nursery were used to landscape the 1915 Panama International Exposition in San Francisco as well as the 1939-40 Golden Gate Internation Exposition on Treasure Island.

The presentation will also discuss the historic buildings at the 20 acre  California Nursery Historical Park which is owned by the City of Fremont Buildings include the Vallejo Adobe (early 1830's), the Packing Shed (1890's), California Office (1907) and Presidentís Cottage  (1907).  

Updates on the historical files and museum will also be discussed as well as preservation of the grounds around the area.

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