California Nursery Historical Park Gala
California Nursery Company and the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (PPIE)

On July 25, 2015, Math Science Nucleus, City of Fremont, and California Nursery Legacy Council had a fundraiser to refurbish the President's Cottage to help sort and archive the Bruce Roeding Collection of papers and artifacts that go back to 1849.   The event revolved around artifacts on the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (1915) from the collection.  Exhibits will be used for future tours and field trips for 3-5th grade. 

State Senator Bob Wieckowski
was our Master of Ceremony and generously agreed to help fund raise by having well wishes from Sacramento on his wedding to Sue Lemke, donate to the Math Science Nucleus efforts.  MSN will then work with the City of Fremont to get the job done!  Click here for more information.

Bob Wieckowski, State Senator Annabell Holland, City of Fremont Joyce Blueford, Math Science Nucleus

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entrance to exhibits some of the front exhibits

The Panama Pacific International Exposition in 1915 showed the world that San Francisco area could raise itself from the ashes of the devastating 1906 earthquake. The United States was booming as manufacturing of cars increased and airplanes becoming more than an oddity. World War I was raging in Europe, but the United States had insulated itself and was still in a growing phase. 

Palm Cake donated by Oh Cake! by Chef Laurel   Over 200 guest and workers made the evening magical 

The Panama Canal had just opened bringing goods and people to the Golden State.  What a great time to have a World's Exposition to show to the world that California could be a leader not only in manufacturing but could help supply the world with agricultural and horticultural products.

California Nursery Company was 50 years old in 1915 and had received a large contract from the PPIE to supply mature trees and palms to the exposition.  The movement of these trees was an awesome feat.

Vallejo Adobe Floral Arrangements Jazzinators  - Fremont Unified School District Students with John Soulis as director
BBQ style dinner was just like a picnic in 1915  inside the Vallejo Adobe 

 This gala brought back the highlights of the 1915 events from the music to the food.  The Fremont  Community learned about the involvement of Niles to this event.   People wandered through the park, especially to see the the large palms that were transported from San Jose (original site of California Nursery) to Niles and then to the PPIE in San Francisco via rail and ferry and then returned.  Our guests toured the Avenue of Palms, the Vallejo Adobe and learned why Fremont is noted for its palms and the role that the California Nursery Company played. 

Funds generated will help in the preservation of buildings, trees, and artifacts that will be seen in the park.  Any questions, please contact Joyce Blueford at Math Science Nucleus (

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