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Moving Day - Thank you  Rotary Club of Mission San Jose
The City of Fremont will be refurbishing the inside the California Nursery Company Office Building including new paint, securing the building better, and floor.  This will allow the Math Science Nucleus and California Nursery Company Legacy Council ideal space to archive the thousands of documents that have been uncovered.  The  Rotary Club of Mission San Jose came to our rescue on May 17, 2013 by helping to move all the items into a container which will be safely stored until the renovation is complete.    We would like to thank the following members for helping:

Loretta Schwalbe, Harald Westendorf, Patricia Polehla, Michael Idarola, Bob Tavares  Ruth Wenzel, Mike Wirjadisastra, Shirley Wein, Tom Handley, Hilda Norwalk, Kent Lewis, Brian Moos, Nader Ayad, Rosemary Petersen, Alan Gillette, and  Daniel Klein.

We would also like to thank Lila Bringhurst for setting it up with the Rotary.  Rosemary Petersen kindly provided the photos.


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