California Nursery Historical Park

The California Nursery Historical Park is one of the most important historical sites in California and helps tell the story of the transformation of our state into the agricultural powerhouse it is today.  Did you know by the late 1800s the California Nursery was world famous and that fruits and trees developed at the Nursery were shipped all over the world?  Did you know that the innovative entrepreneurs of the Nursery did meticulous research that provided us with many of the fruit, nuts and decorative plants we enjoy today?   

The City of Fremont  recently received a $2 million grant from the State of California (sponsored by Senator Bob Wieckowski) to help preserve historical structures at the California Nursery Historical Park.  In the upcoming weeks the City of Fremont will decide on who will be in charge of preserving and protecting this amazing and little-known historical and scientific gem

The Math Science Nucleus (MSN), a local non profit, devoted to science education, is applying for some of the grant to protect these amazing buildings, gardens and archives.   For over 10 years, MSN has been instrumental in protecting these precious archives and buildings and developing programming for students and the public and is ideally suited to further develop and protect the Nursery.  

We are asking the community to learn more about the few remaining buildings and help us ensure that the money will prepare these buildings for our children, allowing schools and the public to have a walk through history. We look forward to your input and partnering with the community.



Current exhibits include California Nursery's role in the Panama Pacific International Exposition (1915)Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE) (1939 and 1940); the people that made the California Nursery grow into the largest nursery along the West Coast in the 1940's; and some of the early agricultural equipment used in the fields to produce the finest trees that were exported around the world. 

California Nursery Office Museum and Vallejo Adobe:

Hours:  please email to book a program

Guided Family Tours of Park:
 Learn about George Roeding Sr as a young boy whose early life influenced the creation of the largest nurseries on the West Coast. We will read an animated story called,"The Fig Man."  (promo) After there will be be a guided tour throughout the area (1-1.5 hours; some uneven terrain, wear comfortable shoes). Children can participate in a scavenger hunt of tree parts as we walk through the park. 

Cost:  $12 per person minimum of 20 people or $240.00 (max 30 people) (contact  or 510 790-6284 

Tour Information: Meet in the Office Museum.  Learn about extravagant historic bulb shows, explore the historic rose garden and see some of the cultivars that made the cut. We will even discover a living fossil, the Dawn Redwood. Walk about on a guided tour through this 22 acre park through a unique Boxed-Tree Forest, an Experimental Orchard, and the Avenue of Palms. Tour the Vallejo Adobe, the California Nursery Office, and Packing Shed. You will learn about Jose de Jesus Vallejo, Jonas Clark, John Rock,  William Landers, Luther Burbank, Johannes and Federick Reimers, and the famous Roeding Family who influenced the history of agriculture in this state.  

The importance of this site spans from the Ohlone, Mission and Rancho Era, to the transformation of the State of California as an agricultural giant.  Learn how Niles agriculture had a strong tie to San Francisco and Fresno.

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