2010 Lesson Plans with Materials



In 2010 teachers without science preparation, FUSD has asked the assistance of the Math Science Nucleus to select 2 lessons per tri-mester.  Fremont Unified School District teachers can click on their grade level and look 6 hands-on lessons that can be used in their school science lab or in their classroom.  The written materials can be found by clicking on the appropriate link and it will give you guidelines on how to use the material.  They will download as a pdf so you can print your worksheets from it directly.  If the school has selected to be part of this program they will receive materials that can be used by the appropriate grade level.  Everything will be boxed and ready to use.  The materials were chosen to go along with the Adopted Science Text, but we are trying to pick a few labs that all children in Fremont can experience.  

Although most of these lessons have been updated, we have these available for schools that have the materials. For new material developed with Next Generation Science Standards, click on Mattos Science Magnet (above) for lessons aligned to NGSS.

The program is being developed jointly by Fremont Unified School District and Math Science Nucleus.  Funding has been provided in part by LAM Research Foundation and Fremont Educational Foundation.