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1.Introduction to Earth Science      
2.  Weathering Soil 6.1 Rock Cycle - Rocks 6B    
3.  Erosion and Deposition 6.2 Water Cycle - Water 6    

4.  Plate Tectonics


5.  Earthquakes 6.3 Hayward Fault  Topographic and geologic maps Rock samples,  topographic map Three Earthquake Dolls
6.  Volcanoes 6.4 California Volcanoes Volcanic rocks from California (5 sets of basalt(Gilroy),basalt (Buttes), pumice, scoria, obsidian, andesite porphyry Leaving the Fiery Slops of Mt. Etna

Volcanoes (slideshow)

7.  Atmosphere      
8.  Weather      
9.  Climate and Climate Change      
10.  Ecosystems

6.5 Soil

4sets of soil from Bryon, Hayward, Menlo Park, San Jose, Fremont, Berkeley, San Mateo, Half Moon Bay  
11.  Living Resources 6.6 Coal 5 sets of Bituminous, Anthracite, lignite, charcoal briquette, charcoal, graphite  
12.  Energy and Material Resources     Nu, You and Water