California Nursery Historical Park

Joint project of  the City of Fremont and Math Science Nucleus
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Owl on the Prowl
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(6-adult;family event)

2 hours

21, Fri  (code 252087) start 6:30
June 24, Sat (code 252938) start: 8:00
July 15, Sat (code 252939) start 8:00
Aug  12, Sat  (code 252940) start 8:00

cost:  $15.00 per person
where (start):
  California Nursery Office Museum

California Nursery Historical Park has many old trees that are ideal for Owls and other Raptors to roost, nest and hunt in search of food. Bring your flashlight and  walk through the grounds at dusk,  this is a good time to spot an owl in the trees or hunting for prey.

Meet at the California Nursery Office for an introduction to owls and then walk at the sun goes down you will look and listen for the raptors that hunt at night.  Discover owl pellets and the bones of what the owls ate at the Vallejo Adobe. Other family members (adults and kids) are invited to register.  Other night birds will also be seen in this forest in a park. 

SUMMER, 2017
CAMP CNHP (California  Nursery Historical Park)
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$199 (Fremont Resident)  all classes are 9:30 am-12:30 pm

July 10-14  (code 252933): Trees of Time - (9-12 years)

Learn about the different trees at California Nursery Historical Park and their uses.  Which types of trees were around during the days of the dinosaurs?  What can you use Palm trees for?  Why do squirrels like pine cones?  Which are the largest and oldest trees in Fremont?  Why do owls like certain trees to roost during the day?  Class includes a walk, play and various adventures throughout the 20 acre California Nursery Historical Park which has examples of trees throughout the world. Students will learn about different seeds and how to grow plants.

July 17-21 (code 252934):
Bugs, Burrows, and Birds (6-8 years)

California Nursery once was a large growing field for trees.  Some of the trees that are within the park are home to many different types of bugs, birds, mammals, and reptiles.  They will learn the sounds of birds using different bird calls. This class will focus on how these animals can live in this type of park.  Students will learn about their life cycles and look for creepy crawlies.  Students will also learn about how leaf litter can turn into compost and help return nutrients to the soil.

  August 7- 11 (code 252084):  Dig it! Archaeology (9-12 years)

Spend the week being an archaeologist and learn how to interpret clues from the past.  Students will learn the basics of scientific excavation including how to set up an excavation unit, best excavation techniques, how to record and photograph findings plus how to map ancient sites.  Students not only learn about archaeology but use important skills in logic, math, statistics and mapping.  In this hands-on class you will work on a piece of land at the California Nursery Historical Park and uncover the history back to prehistoric Fremont.  Class taught by an archaeologist.


August 14- 18 (code 252085):   Life in Early California (6-8 years)

Students will learn about the early days of Fremont starting when Native Americans made the area their home.  They will learn about how the Ohlones used nature to live off the land, as well as using tule reeds to make toys.  Students will experience the Mission Period and learn how adobe homes were made by  making adobe bricks.  They will also learn about the early life of the “Californios” and how they used cattle, horses and wheat to live.  Students will explore how the trains influenced early agriculture in Niles District.  Students will live history through drama and play!



Walking through Time
History of California Nursery
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April 29, May 20, June 17, Saturday
1:30-3:30 pm
(I hour lecture; 1 hour tour)
where (start):
  California Nursery Office Museum
code:  252080
cost:  $15.00 per person
Adult tour (children 10 and above may attend)

The importance of this site spans from the Ohlone, Mission and Rancho Era. The people associated with this site helped to transform the State of California into an agricultural giant.  Learn how Niles agriculture had a strong tie to San Francisco and Fresno.

Lecture will go over the buildings that are still on the property and the people associated with them.  Talk will highlight California Nursery's role in the Panama Pacific International Exposition (1915)Golden Gate International Exposition (GGIE) (1939 and 1940); the people that made the California Nursery grow into the largest nursery along the West CoastTour will go through the exhibits and walk on the property to point out historic trees and how they shaped agriculture in California.

Kids Learning Fremont History Series
Make, Take and Explore (7-10 yrs)
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April 9, May 7, June 11, Sunday
$19.00 per child (includes materials)
1:30-3:30 pm
(lecture, tour, make and take)
where (start): 
meet at Vallejo Adobe

April 9 (code 252082): Trees for a Growing California - Students will learn how to identify trees and to discover the uses of the different trees within the park.  They will make palm frond art, compare needle leaf and broad leaf trees.  Students will collect different parts of a tree.  They will never look at a tree the same way again. 
May 7 (code 252085): Vallejo Adobe and Rancho Era - Students will learn the history of the Fremont area after the collapse of the Missions in California.  They will learn about the vaqueros and their way of life in the Fremont area, including horse, cattle, and wheat.  Students will learn how to make adobe bricks.
June 11 (code 252084):  Growing up Ohlone: Native Americans lived on this land because it was near to Alameda Creek where they could fish and go to the hills to find acorns.  Learn about how California Live Oak and other trees that they depended on for food.  Dissect tules and make different models that young Ohlones would play with.

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