Applied Science - Technology (1A)
Pre Lab 

  • Exploring how machines work.
  • Investigating machines in our society.


  • carry
  • dig
  • lift
  • machine
  • pull
  • push
  • worksheet

Students use a worksheet to explore machines.


Students should learn that science and math help technology develop through the ages. We often forget the reasons behind the ease and comfort of our present society. Sure we all have TV's, radios, phonographs, electric hair dryers, and other comforts, but do we really understand what actually makes them work!

Although gears, wheels, pulleys, and other machines are simple in design, they were needed before humans could reason into higher levels of technology. The mechanics and physics of these simple devices were not realized when they were discovered, the machines just worked. In order to fulfill basic everyday needs, early humans sought ways to satisfy them. Thus using bone, wood, and stone they fashioned simple tools for digging, killing, and scraping. When early humans wanted to move items or get items they wanted, they would use reason to "invent' these devices.


  1. Discuss with students that the human body is a well designed machine. Many mechanical machines help humans do work more easily. Define machines as objects that make our work easier. Show examples of machines and tell how each one help humans lift, carry, push, pull, dig, carry, cut, turn or stir.
  2. Read the words with the students at the bottom of the enclosed worksheet. Have them find a word that describes how each machine helps us. Copy it onto the blank below the picture. Note: some machines may help in more than one way, for example, a tow truck may not only help carry people but lift and pull a car. A pair of pliers may help turn a nut or pull out a nail. If students can support their word choice, it is right.
  3. Go over the worksheet. Ask what words students used for each machine. Discuss their choices and suggest others. Ask them to give examples of machines that carry, lift, push, pull, dig, cut, turn, or stir. If time permits, make up a couple of riddles that use these words. For example, "I do not eat, but I help you carry food in a grocery store. You must push me". What am I? (A grocery cart.)

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