Applied Science - Science and Math (6C)


COTTON is derived from a cotton plant. The fibers appear as flat ribbons under the microscope that are slightly twisted. The fabric that cotton produces is soft, absorbs water, and wrinkles easily. Cotton is a fabric that is light and cool. 

LINEN is derived from the stems of flax plants fibers are jointed, looks like a miniature bamboo. The fiber is shiny, strong, gets softer with use, absorbs water, and wrinkles easily. Linen gets softer with use and considered a cool fabric for warmer climate. 


SILK is from the cocoons of silkworms. The fiber is double strands, smooth, and shiny. The fabric is lightweight but can keep its wearer warm

WOOL is from a sheep. Under the microscope it looks like scaly corkscrews. The fiber is stretchable long lasting, doesn't wrinkle and springs back into shape. Wool easily absorbs water, and soft. Wool fabric is known for its ability to "breathe" keeping wearers warm in the winter and somewhat cool in warmer weather. Wool picks up static electricity easily when rubbed.


RAYON is made from wood. The fibers are smooth and glass-like rods, which is easily stretchable. Rayon doesn't wrinkle, is soft and absorbent. 

ACETATE is a created from wood. Under the microscope there are grooves that run the length of the fibers. Acetate is soft, smooth, and will melt under a hot iron. It does not absorb water. The fabric is cool
NYLON is derived from coal. The fibers under the microscope are smooth and clear rods. Nylon is shiny, tough, stretchable and melts under a hot iron. The fibers are nonabsorbent, quick drying, and doesn't wrinkle. the fabric is cool but clammy. 
ACRYLIC is made from petroleum. Under the microscope the fiber is dog-bone shaped with apparent cut ends. The fabric is lightweight, warm, and quick drying. 
POLYESTER is derived from petroleum. Under the microscope the rod shaped fiber looks like nylon but is not clear. The fiber does not wrinkle, is silk-like, strong, and absorbent. 

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