Students Reaction

We wanted to see the reaction of junior high students when they  used the materials outlined in Electronic Textbook Phase II.  We wanted to see if students could discuss science content and not be overwhelmed by the technology.  We succeeded!

Students were able to work on the pen computers (Clio's) and interact with the lessons.  The computers were networked, and each student was able to work at their own pace.  The teacher used the materials on the web and projected images on the screen.  On some of the wireless versions, students were able to move the computer around.  They really liked not having wires to worry about.

The promise of a real solution using pen computers,  is approaching a technological reality. 


"I think the way you can easily go through the program. And you don't have to carry books."  - Jesse V.
"I can't wait until people can use these in school and I hope I can in High School."  - Sarah M.
"I like the pen and how small the computer is, easy to read."  - Sarah Z.

"It is cool and small. I don't really like things that take up a lot of space so this is perfect, and I like the pen."  - Amy G.
"Its good because you can participate when sick."  - Matthew L.
"I like there is no mouse and you get to touch the screen."  - Justin D.
"You can use your finger and pen."  - Nicholas D.

"Its a fun way of learning instead of using a normal book."  - Margarita M.
"The good points are not worrying about forgetting your textbook at school."  - Brianna C.