Visions 2026
Visions 2026 is a project funded  from Alameda County Supervisor 2, Richard Valle, Supervisor. It reaches out to the community to understand about Healthy Living and Environment.  We have linked it to our Masonic Home Composting and Reforestation Project to get the local community to understand the significance. 



 In Class or Virtual Presentation at Guy Emanuale and Searles Elementary, Union City

Grade  Topic of In Class Presentation  Curriculum, Lesson Plans, Storybooks
Kindergarten Healthy Teeth Life Cycle -Human Biology (KB)
Activity  Model of a Tooth
Actiivity Look at your Teeth
Healthy Teeth ppt
First Trees and Seeds Life Cycle - Plants(1)
What is a tree?       (storybook)
Activity Booklet:  Parts of Plants; seeds
Trees ppt (customize)
Second Diversity of Life Owl Poem
Working on the Food Chain
Life Cycle - Natural Environment (2A)
Activity:Making a "Real" Food Chain
Customize the Carnivores and Herbivore
Third Ohlone Culture Growing Up Ohlone (storybook)
Ohlone Culture, what they ate; how they used food and
Activity:  Head Dress, symbols
Fourth Soil Soil portion of ppt
Life Cycle - Natural Environment (4A)
Fifth Composting Compost Break Dance (poem)
video of rotting food
Decomposer Cards
decomposter diagram
ppt composting
Life Cycle - Natural Environment (5B)

The following Field Trips Online are underconstruction,
we are looking for funds to produce

Field Trip Online! Masonic Virtual Presentation at Guy Emanuale and Searles Elementary New Haven School District, Union City

video on Masonic Home Compost and Reforestation Project


Grade  Topic of Field Trip (Virtual)  Focus of Field Trip
Kindergarten  Healthy Eating  A look at Masonic Home Kitchen Garden and Food Preparation
First Trees and Seeds of Masonic Home Reforestation Program Reforestation Projects, trees on Masonic Home Property
Second Diversity of Plants bring diversity of Butterflies at Masonic Home Diversity of Life at Masonic Home
Third Ohlone Culture Whatt the Ohlones ate and was it healthy, how they used plants
Fourth Soil Making Soil at Masonic Home
Fifth Composting Composting at Masonic Composting and Reforestation Project