The Fremont Earthquake Exhibit
 tours and  field trips on the Hayward Fault
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Tours through City of Fremont Recreation
Monthly during
The Math Science Nucleus offers classes through City of Fremont's Recreation Department.  Classes are 1.5 hours and walks about 1 mile to see earthquake creep features throughout the park.  Class starts at the Fremont Earthquake Exhibit.
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Teacher Workshops
March 23, Sat
Meet at the Fremont Earthquake Exhibit and see the inside of a building that is slowly moving leaving a large crack on the floor.  The tour will include walking on the Hayward Fault including compression knolls, en echelon cracks, offsets along curbs, and more.  This tour has  signs so you could take your students on a walk while enjoying  the beauty of Lake Elizabeth.  Curriculum materials will be provided and also a T-shirt with a map of the Hayward Fault in the Bay Area  (please check the size you would like - Small to Extra Large).  Wear walking shoes, entire walk is about 1 mile.
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Scheduled Classes for K-12 and college Field trips are customized to grade level, although it is recommended that students have learned about plate tectonics and have discussed plate boundaries. Elementary and Secondary grades look for specific offsets and have to record what they find.  College can measure offsets and try to determine if the rate is the same at each offset. 
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