i. science mate 
in North Carolina

Over the last 6 years the list of schools using the Integrating Science, Math, and Technology (I. Science MaTe) program has grown. We have developed several rural and urban strategies to provide quality science.

WASHINGTON ELEMENTARY - Washington Elementary is a rural school in Cleveland County, North Carolina that has developed an interesting way of incorporating I. Science MaTe into their everyday curriculum. The Sky's the Limit theme revolve around the Applied Science and Universe Cycles; Shake, Rattle, and Rock around Plate Tectonic and Rock Cycles; Splish, Splash around the Water Cycle; and That's Life around the Life Cycle.

Over the last 3 years we have worked with Bev Sanford and her staff,  to develop a National Science Foundation (NSF) grant to provide "trunks" for the local Winston-Salem school system. Using parts of the I. Science MaTe program, we created "science trunks" that can be loaned to local teachers. SciWorks inservices teachers on how to use the material. Math/Science Nucleus is also working with Blair Flack on using science trunks for afterschool enrichment for 6-8th grade students.