Educational  Coordinator (click for pdf ) 
(end of summer/fall 2018)

The Math Science Nucleus, a non profit organization promoting science to the public and schools,  oversees several facilities in Fremont including the Children's Natural History Museum ,Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon, California Nursery Historical Park, and Fremont Earthquake Exhibit.  Currently we conduct over 230 field trips per year; summer camps, and scout programs.  We are a small non profit that needs to concentrate on producing enough money to support employees.  Currently our group has only 2 full time employees, with many older volunteers.

We are looking for a dynamic person who can not only teach some of the classes but can schedule, advertise and oversee the materials.  The person needs to convey the excitement of science and math to children and public.   Person will need to generate funds to help us grow to serve more people in the San Francisco Bay area.  Duties include teaching science classes. Curriculum is developed, but person must be able to modify and add depending on children.  Person helps in creating teaching aides and work with public especially through phone, museum, and shop).  Should be proficient in communications skills through the internet (social media) and can do general computing (Word and some graphics)


The person in this position will primarily schedule field trips at the Math Science Nucleus including programs in Rocks and Minerals,  Light Magic, etc.  See our web site for list of programs) for elementary grades (  The materials are already developed so teaching skills are important, but science content is also important.  Person may also conduct field trips at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon (look on website for field trips) mainly for 2-6th grade but occasionally for high school.  Person may also do after school classes of their choice, mainly for elementary grades.  There are many opportunities to generate money, and we will be flexible to allow applicant to be creative, but to help bring in funds.

Duties include scheduling, talking with teachers, advertising especially in September and October to fill classes.  Scheduling will also include coordinating materials and time of other employees, that are mainly scientist consultants.   Confirmation and billing will also be part of the job initially.

·        Advertise and solicit classes for field trips during the school day for both the Children’s Natural History Museum, Tule Ponds, California Nursery Historical Park and Fremont Earthquake Exhibit.

·        Keep track of schedule, and coordinate with other employees who may do those presentations.

·        Schedule “fun science” events that revolve around the Children’s Natural History Museum and Tule Ponds, including open houses, family activities

·        Occasionally go to places to help advertise the Math Science Nucleus





The Math/Science Nucleus is a non-profit, educational, and research organization composed of scientists, educators, and community members. It serves as a science resource center to assist school districts, teachers, administrators, and community.  Math/Science Nucleus was founded in Fremont, California in 1982. http:// Position could be part time (mainly administrative part) to full time (minimum of 20  hours per week).  Weekend hours and evening hours occasionally required.

TO APPLY or for more information (please look at website for an insight into our organization)  If you have questions, please email.

Send resume  and 2 email references (who can comment on your work skills)  to Dr. Joyce Blueford
 Math Science Nucleus
4074 Eggers Drive
Fremont, CA  94536
E-mail (preferred):



Math/Science Nucleus is a non-profit organization whose main goal is to get children excited about science and math, so they can understand the world around them.