2023  Summer 

 Science and Environmental Internship

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Description automatically generatedEnvironmental Interns is a high school program sponsored by the Math Science Nucleus and with major funding provided by the Alameda County Flood control and Water Conservation District. Students learn biology, geology, hydrology chemistry and human impact behind the environment.  They use this knowledge to work on restoration projects. An emphasis evolves on data collection and observational analysis of ecological factors. The classroom lab is used for analyzing water for microorganisms, nutrients, and elements, as well as spectrophotometer and microscope usage. A concentration was based on Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon, but other areas visited were the Masonic Home Reforestation project center, in conjunction with the California Historical Nursery Park, and the Children’s Natural History Museum. A group of people posing for a photo

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Interns worked in groups and worked on a variety of environmental restoration projects, including maintenance and creation of outdoor trails through invasive plant removal and addition of mulch, preservation of existing structures around the lagoon, upkeep of the butterfly meadow through the transplant of key pollinator plants, and care for young trees in the California Nursery Historical Park. Throughout seven weeks, interns also developed their own personal projects, with a variety of subjects ranging from scientific material for environmental education geared towards young children, to experimental studies planned out and conducted to better understand different questions posed in the Tule Ponds environment. Projects helped develop students’ capabilities towards problem-solving and independent thinking. A large focus was placed on environmental parameters on how the environment has changed over time.

There were 15 interns and their schools include: People kayaking on a river

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·         Anwita Gandesiri - Washington High School

·         Vaishvi Chauhan – Washington High School

·         Sarah Adkar – Washington High School

·         Aryan Bhagia - American High School

·         Asra Kakar- Mission San Jose High School

·         Nikhila Rambothula - American High School

·         Nikitha Rambothula - American High School

·         Patricia Wu- Mission San Jose High SchoolA group of people looking through microscopes

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·         Hara Devapatla - Mission San Jose High School

·         Abha Kulkarni – Washington High School

·         Kira Zhong – Mission San Jose High School

·         Nyomi Perez – James Logan High School

·         Trishala Sahu – Washington High School

·         Mateo Delgado – Encinal High School

·         Vivian Shen – Mission San Jose High School


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Description automatically generatedProgram for Summer 2023

June 15th – Data collection and pH testing, sampling techniques of ponds and Tyson Lagoon

June 22nd – Microorganisms

June 29th – Arthropods and composting

July 6th – Native plants and trees

July 13th – Chemistry of watersheds

July 20th – 27th – Masonic Home Reforestation Project, California Nursery Historical Park, Children’s Natural History Museum


Instructors: Monica Esqueda, Dr. Joyce Blueford, Debbie Davidson, Art Williams, Althea Weber



After training students are eligible to continue with research projects funded by Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and Math Science Nucleus.  Throughout the year students work on different projects from chemical testing, recording species abundance, working with compost, and many other environmental projects.


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About the Intern Program

 Lam Research Corporation is funding this program so students can explore different fields of science in a lab or outdoor experience.  This is tailored for sophomore to senior high school students.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Joyce Blueford at blueford@msnucleus.org

About Lam Research

Lam Research Corporation has been a major supplier of wafer fabrication equipment and services to the worldwide semiconductor industry for more than 30 years.  As the industry transitions from business computer-based applications to feature-rich consumer products, chipmakers are challenged to mass produce highly sophisticated devices.  To keep pace and meet demanding production requirements, semiconductor manufacturers will need to invest in highly versatile and reliable wafer fabrication equipment.  As the market leader in plasma etch and a leading supplier of single-wafer clean products, Lam Research strives to consistently deliver the technical capability and cost-effective performance our customers require.  With corporate headquarters located in Fremont, California, the Company maintains a network of facilities throughout North America, Europe, and Asia to meet the complex and changing needs of its global customer base. 

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