Tule Ponds
at Tyson Lagoon
Summer Classes
sponsored by
Math Science Nucleus
Price: $25.00 for 2 hours or
$30 if you stay up to 1 hour for lunch (total of 3 hours)(add on payment options)

Bring water, snack and lunch (if registered to remain) and wear covered walking shoes!
Materials will be provided for a special activity to be completed outside under the shade of our willows. 
Total class time will be 2 hours (hike, activity, and classroom) and optional 1 hour for lunch, mainly outside. 20 max. 
7-11 years old;  materials leveled to age, instructore: Debbie Davidson, Wildlife Biologist


June 22, Tues
 10-12:00 noon
Why Tule Ponds is Special
asic principles of ecology at Tule Ponds including plants and animals. Learn why this lagoon is right in the middle of Fremont.  It has something to do with the Hayward Fault and a water supply (acquifer) that lies below.  This restoration project has brought back many native animals, especially birds.  It also illustrates the native plants that were abundant in the south bay. Education through Restoration.

June 29, Tues

10-12:00 noon
Plants of Tule Ponds  
You will learn the different groups of plants.  Learn about the importance of tules to the environment.  Activities will include making leaf impressions, working with tules, and much more. Making a tule boat, and try to float it.  It will be yours to keep.


July 6, Tues

10-12:00 noon
Butterflies at Tule!    
Learn life cycles of not only butterlies at Tule but many of the moths that fly around.   The monarch are abundant at the site because of the milkweed that we grow.  Learn how we increased the population.  Discussion of silkworms which we grow in the classroom.  The life cycle of these insects is just awesome!

July 13, Tues

10-12:00 noon
 Birds at Tule Ponds
Students will learn about the large and small birds at tule ponds.  Learn about their habitats, feathers, bird calls and much more.
Make identification cards to take home to keep learning.

July 20, Tues

10-12:00 noon
Hayward Fault and Earthquakes at Tule Ponds 
The Hayward Fault created Tule Ponds.  Students will walk the trace of the fault while doing fun activities to learn about plate tectonics in this area.

July 27, Tues

10-12:00 noon
Frogs! Can you find them? 
Frogs like to hide in watery areas.  Learn techniques of frog hunting and the biology of the different frogs that live at Tule.   This presentation will focus on amphibians and reptiles that are at Tule Ponds and Fremont in general.  It will go explore the life cycle and why when you walk by at night you heard the male frogs singing to find a mate.  Also learn how identify the reptiltes from turtles to snakes found in the area.

This 17 acre site is owned by Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District and managed by Math Science Nucleus.  Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon is near the Fremont BART Station, is not open to the public. However, your children ages 7-11 can join in several classes.  All of the tours start in the classroom at Tule Ponds (1999 Walnut Ave, Fremont.)  Pre-registration is required.  No refunds one week before, a $5 processing charge per class for all refunds.  You may transfer to another class for no charge if there is room available.







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