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Since the Pandemic started Tule Ponds has been closed to the public.  Normally the Math Science Nucleus (a local non profit of scientists and educators) would have classes and small community events so the locals can see the restoration progress.  Math Science Nucleus  manages the facility for Alameda County Flood Control and Water Conservation District  and will be providing a series of 45 minute presentation including questions so we can update the community.  The presentations will be geared for families so even your little ones can learn through animations, video, and storybooks.

During the end of June and July we will open it up with tours  every Tuesday (June 22,29 July 6,13,20 and 27), one at 10am and 2 pm.  Registration will be required as we are limiting tours to 25 people.  We highly suggest that people attend one of the zoom presentations to get familiar with this 17 acre place.  Participants will be able to stay for up to 2 hours  (no dogs, strollers, bikes and must wear covered shoes). Registration information will be available in June.

May 14, Friday
 5:30 pm start
Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon - Introduction

Learn why this lagoon is right in the middle of Fremont.  It has something to do with the Hayward Fault and a water supply (acquifer) that lies below.  This restoration project has brought back many native animals, especially birds.  It also illustrates the native plants that were abundant in the south bay. Education through Restoration.

May 21, Friday
5:30 pm start

Tule Ponds - Plants and Animals
Many animals live at Tule Ponds that require plants to eat.  Learn about the mammals, reptiles, birds, fish and amphibians that live at Tule Ponds.  Discover how we restored the area with lots of vegetation to make a habitat for all living creatures.   Also learn how you can be involved in our restoration efforts.

May 28, Friday
5:30 pm start
Tule Ponds - Frogs

This presentation will focus on amphibians and reptiles that are at Tule Ponds and Fremont in general.  It will go explore the life cycle and why when you walk by at night you heard the male frogs singing to find a mate.  Also learn how identify the reptiltes from turtles to snakes found in the area.
June 4, Friday
5:30 pm start
Tule Ponds - Ants

Living Ants are the most abundant animals on the face of the earth.  Learn about their life cycle at Tule Ponds including a vast unground network in the soil.  Ants are effective decomposers and are important to our planet.
June 11, Friday
5:30 pm start
Tule Ponds - Butterflies

Tule Ponds is home to many insects that go through metamorphism.  The monarch are abundant at the site because of the milkweed that we grow.  Learn how we increased the population.  Discussion of silkworms which we grow in the classroom.  The life cycle of these insects is just awesome!

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