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 Math Science Nucleus

Fremont Main Library
Fukaya Room. Stevenson Ave and Paseo Padre

There are 4 activities at each presentation after a show presentation. Parents work with their children to learn about science.  Recommended  for elementary age children. Families are encouraged to attend.  Limited seating.  Funding provided by Lam Research Foundation and free.
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Oct 2, 2018 Tues
7-7:45 pm

Gravity Toys and How they Work  - Toys invented on Earth can use the force of gravity to work.  We will look at the design of toys created by toyologist to work.  Children will make 2 toys and experiment with many others that work because of gravity. Reading:  The Crazy Toy Scientist  

Dec 4, 2018  Tues
7-7:45 pm
Solar System and Beyond -  The planets are not the only components of our Solar System.  Learn about the Oort Cloud and Kuiper Belt and what secrets they have in our own back yard.  Compare asteroids and comets.
Reading:  How many planets?, Dancing on the Moon
 Jan 22, 2019 Tues
7-7:45 pm
Minerals and Gems - Learn why not all minerals are gems and not all gems are minerals.  Learn about the importance of minerals in making materials and finding elements used in many building material.  We will look into the microscopic view of minerals to see how they grow.  Reading:  Gems or new book
March 26, 2019 Tues
7-7:45 pmEventbrite - Earthquakes and Volcanoes - Lam Research Science at the Library

Skeletons: Comparing Present Bones with Fossil Bones -  Vertebrate Paleontologist compare fossils with present day bones.  They get information about what the animals looked like and where the animal lived and died. Learn the different clues on how they know the difference between a mammal, a reptile and a bird. Reading: Bones, Bones, Bones

May 28, 2019 Tues
7-7:45 pmEventbrite - Earthquakes and Volcanoes - Lam Research Science at the Library
Creatures of the Oceans - The Oceans have many organisms from tiny diatoms (one celled plant) to shells (invertebrates) to  the largest animal that ever lived on Earth (Blue Whale, a vertebrate).  This presentation will engage children looking at not only the organisms, but the food webs in the oceans.  Reading:  Simona's Nature Adventures in Eritrea

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