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 Math Science Nucleus
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Fremont Main Library
Fukaya Room. Stevenson Ave and Paseo Padre

There are 4 activities at each presentation after a show presentation. Parents work with their children to learn about science.  Recommended  for elementary age children. Families are encouraged to attend.  Limited seating.  Funding provided by Lam Research Foundation and free.
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Oct 1 , 2019 Tues
7-7:45 pm

Ice Age Megafauna in Fremont - A look at the gigantic animals that roamed Fremont area and coastal California.  Irvington area of Fremont is one of the best preserved site of these Pleistocene fossils  (Ice Age).  Families will learn about sabertooth cats, mammoths, camels, mastodons, and many more large animals.   Reading:  Mammoth Mary

Dec 3 , 2019  Tues
7-7:45 pm
Reaching for the Stars -  Looking up in the night time sky you see many points of light.  Many are stars that can be found within our galaxy, the Milky Way.  Only a few points of lights are far away galaxies.  Learn about constellations and how they are used by astronomers.   Reading:  Bear and Baby
 Feb 4 , 2020 Tues
7-7:45 pm
Magnetic Magic - Families will explore magnetism by using different types of magnets. Learn how to find north and south and how magnets are naturally created.  See how electromagnetic forces work together to provide many useful products.  Reading:  Electrons and the Hairy Monster
March 10, 2020 Tues
7-7:45 pm

Exploding Volcanoes and Magma Chambers  -  Forces created by Plate Tectonics helps to explain volcanoes and the rocks they form from inside and outside of the Earth.  Learn the different rocks and what they mean.  Readings:  Lucy Lava,  The Fiery Slopes of Mt. Etna

May 5, 2020 Tues
7-7:45 pm
Butterflies and Moths  -  Some organisms change through their life cycle called "metamorphisis."  We will look at the Painted Lady and Monarch butterflies as well as the 'Silkworm" moth. Learn how to create butterfly areas in your backyard just by planting milkweed.  Seeds will be provided.  Readings:  Painted Lady.

COMMUNITY LECTURE (recommended for adults)
Oct, 15, 2019 Tues
7-8 pm
New Ice Age Fossils Uncovered in Fremont  -  Construction to expand 680 Freeway have uncovered new fossils of Pleistocene Age (Irvingtonian).  Caltrans has paleontology moniters that make sure all fossils are recovered during construction. This lecture will go over the early finds of mammoths, mastodons, sabertooth cats, short faced bear, and other megafauna.  Exhibits at the Children's Natural History Museum will highlight these fossils as well as the uncovering of 1000 fossils under Wes Gordon's House in Hayward (Irvington Fossils). Wes Gordon and his Boy paleontologists excavated the Sabercat Historical Park site in the 1940's. 

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