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Fremont Main Library
Fukaya Room. Stevenson Ave and Paseo Padre

There are 4 activities at each presentation after a show presentation. Parents work with their children to learn about science.  Recommended  for elementary age children. Families are encouraged to attend.  Limited seating.  Funding provided by Lam Research Foundation and free.
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March 20, 2018 Tues
7-7:45 pmEventbrite - Earthquakes and Volcanoes - Lam Research Science at the Library
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Throughout the world we have a pattern created by earthquakes and volcanoes.  Learn what it means and explore how the Hayward Fault is ripping Fremont in half.  Stories:  3 Earthquake Dolls;  Leaving the Fiery Slopes of Mt. Etna
April 24, 2018 Tues
7-7:45 pmEventbrite - The Science Behind Machines -Lam Research Science at the Library
The Science Behind Machines - Simple machines make life easier for humans.  This presentation will look at simple machines and how they work.  Participants will learn about levers, screws, ramps, wheels, gears, and many more as they experiment to make them work.  Story:  New storybook coming
May 22, 2018 Tues
7-7:45 pmEventbrite - The Ice Age in California - Lam Research Science at the Library
The Ice Age in California The megafauna that roamed California during the Ice Age were weird and wonderful.  Evidence from the Diablo Range show an evolving landscape.  Learn how to identify bones fragments and more:  Reading:  Mammoth Mary, A Mammoth Find,

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