Virtual Science Night at Children's Natural History Museum (2022)
Glenmoor Elementary Event 7-8 pm
March 14, Monday (PK-2) families
March 21,  Monday (3-6) families
  • Guided Museum Tour with Dr. Karen Anderson Archeologist and Board Member of MSN
  • Book Reading:  Going Back through Time with Dinosaurs for lower primary;  Mammoth Mary and parts of Mammoth Find to learn about fossils in Fremont
  • Online downloads to do with your children
  • Presentation will be 50 minutes and 10 minute questions.

  If you have any questions please contact Joyce (
Location:  4074 Eggers Drive, Fremont)

Pre-Kindergarten to Second Grade
March 14, 7-8 pm
Animated Dino GIF - Animated Dino - Discover & Share GIFs
Dr. Anderson and company will read a storybook on "Going Back through Time with Dinosaurs" to give students and parents a background information on dinosaurs and fossils.  Then she will walk through the museum in person and give you a personal tour of each of the halls and the materials you can see if you come in person.  It will include the Mineral Hall, Going Back through Time, Rock, Nature and Ocean Halls besides the Dinosaur Room and the Wes Gordon Fossil Hall. 

If you click to register we will send you a code about 2 days before so you enter the presentation.  Below is a headband of Tyrannasaurus that you can make with your child before or after the presentation to get into a dinosaur mood.

Tyrannasaurus headband
Third to  Sixth Grade
March 21, 7-8pm

Dr. Anderson and company will go over the Ice Age Mega Fauna that used to roam Fremont.  She will discuss where they were found and what the environment would have been when they roams 1 million years ago.  She also will read a short poem on "Mammoth Mary."  Then she will walk through the museum and go over the different fossils found by the famous boy Paleontologist. 

Sabertooth cat headband
Mammoth headband

Want to visit the Museum  in person for Special Glenmoor Elementary Day
April 3, Sunday 1-4 pm

Students will be given the appropriate scavenger hunt as they look through the mueseum.  There will be lots of activities and see the real fossils that they learned about online.  These are the animals that roamed Fremont 1 million years ago.
Complete scavenger hunt and you can select a price.  Museum shop will be open.
Covid :  whatever rules are in place in our area will be respected. 

Regular $10 per person, Special at Door $5.00; purchase prior to date $3.50 per person (we will have your name at entrance)
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