Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon

The Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon are an important process for cleaning storm water naturally.  This natural process is done by letting the storm water from the area between Mowry Avenue and Walnut Avenue and from the Bart Station to Mission Boulevard be settled and cleaned naturally by tules and other plants catching the debris that is left on the street and washed down the storm drains by  neglectful people. 

On Friday February 23, 2001 two people showed up and cleaned pond B and C.  Saturday, March 3,2001 the volunteers who came found a colorful array of things to pick up.  Some of the most unusual were a pair of shredded boxer shorts, a broom, a stadium chair, fishing lures, and oddly enough a $20 bill.  The things that were found the most were plastic soda bottles, tennis balls, Styrofoam and plastic bags.   

The water from this area goes directly to the bay without any other contact with the air or water.  These ponds are similar in function to the D.U.S.T. Marsh in Coyote Hills Regional Park.  These Ponds were created in 1998 with the plan to have an educational resource center at the ponds to be built to help facilitate the use of the Tule Ponds as an important feature of environmental education for all ages.

Volunteers who helped were: Megan Fisher, Anthony Richmond, Rina Menta, Allison Ligh, Yu-San Huoh, Jenni Gebhardt, Janice Gebhardt, Michael York, and Douglas DeSelles.   Thank you all for your help, the ponds look great!

Thanks to the City of Fremont Environmental Services Division for providing the tools for the event. 


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