Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon

 American High School Community Service

Around 30 sophomore students from American High School spent their Saturday (October 13, 2001) cleaning and sprucing up three retention ponds at Tyson Lagoon.  Mr. Brett Nelson, a teacher at American, helped organize this event.  This will help clear the way for storm drain water to flow easily through the ponds. There were plenty of weeds to cut back and remove.  Paths were cleared, trees were trimmed,  and bushes were cut  to allow  visibility of the ponds from the street.  

The Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon helps clean storm water naturally. This natural process is done by letting the storm water from the area between Mowry Avenue, Walnut Avenue and from the Bart Station to Mission Boulevard  settle and cleaned naturally by tules and other plants. The water from this area goes directly to the bay without any other contact with the air or water. These Ponds were created in 1998 with the plan to have an educational resource center at the ponds to be built to help facilitate the use of the Tule Ponds as an important feature of environmental education for all ages.

Students who participated are: Zinab Ahmad, Kunal Amin, Heather Cesco, Kanika Chhabra, Gloria Cho, Amanda Chow, Desiree DiFranco, Hayley Fletcher, Sandra Hernandez, Krizelda, Neha Kurani, Kitty Lathrop, Jackie Liss, Melissa Loftus, Eva Lomes, Brenda Lubomirsky, Audrey Nguyen, Ashley Nguyen, Ashley Quan, Goldy Saroay, Sophy Shum, Anna May Smead, Ashley Strum, Gary Szeto, Aurora Tang, Meishan Wu, and Hillary Zhao.