Birds of Fremont

April 13, 2019, (Saturday)

Time: 11- 4 pm

Where: 1999 Walnut Ave
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1999 Walnut Avenue, in Fremont
(Behind the Fremont Bart Station)

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Join us for this once a year Open House at Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon and learn about the birds that call Tule Ponds their home. 

 Families will look at our exhibit of birds nest and see if you can identify who made them.
 Take a walk and describe birds and get points and prizes with your little ones.
 Count certain birds and receive more points.
 Make bird headbands.
 Look at feathers under the microscope.
 Displays on tules, silkworms, and more.
 Posters on evolution of Tule Ponds.

Math Science Nucleus
Alameda County Flood Control & Water Conservation District  
Take a self guided tour at your leisure


Please come join us.  Our facility will be open to the public to walk around and see the many changes that are occurring on the site.

 Families can walk with staff to see Tule Ponds at Tyson Lagoon, or they can wander throughout the 17 acres of a restored aquatic wetland. Many birds use the area to rest, feed, and breed. Over 120 species have been identified at Tule over the years including osprey, red-winged black birds, hawks, vultures, water fowl, and many song birds. Activities including making headbands of your favorite bird, comparing nests, looking at features under the microscope, and learning how to identify the different birds.

Look at displays of the native animals and enjoy a few hours going back when nature was our only entertainment. Please remember no bikes, strollers, or pets. Please pre-register so all you need to do is check in when you arrive. Feel free to walk around or join one of our hour guided tours (every half hour).

For more information contact Math Science Nucleus staff at 510-790-6284 

email  msn@msnucleus.org