Make A Difference Day
October 27, 2001

Make a Difference Day is a day for communities to come together and help make their community a better place.  This past Make A Difference Day over 60 people came out to spend at least part of their Saturday to plant 25 California Live Oaks (Quercus agrifolia) and pick up litter in the area around Stivers Lagoon. 

The Math/Science Nucleus would like to thank:  City of Fremont, Park and Maintenance services employees Nelson Kirk, Charlie Sparkman and Leo Torres helped bring the trees and showed volunteers how to plant the trees properly so that they would survive;  Park Rangers Sandy Ferreira and Sue Nogare helped plan and supervise this event;  Forest Frasieur of Fremont's Environmental Services Division supplied refreshments for the volunteers; the many volunteers who helped at this event.

Area before trees were planted Nelson Kirk Charlie Sparkman preparing a tree
Students digging the hole for the tree Leo Torres staking a tree Matt Smith working on his Eagle Scout project
Nelson demonstrating proper technique Nelson and Leo checking the tree depth Alice Tsai, Ronald Jou, and Bob Stewart planting a tree