Irvington Academy Students

Service Learning as the Fremont Unified School District has defined it is doing community service that has some relation to what you are learning in school.  Students from Irvington Academy have been doing service learning for many years.  One of their most prominent work areas is Stivers Lagoon.  Getting poison oak while trimming back blackberry bushes is a learning experience in its own right, but the environmental stewardship that they learn from this experience will last a lifetime. 

Having to do service hours that correlate with what you are learning in class can be difficult, but Scott Lewis has found a way to integrate teaching the science behind environmental stewardship and going out and accomplishing the work with his students.   Working with Park Rangers Sandy Ferreira, Sue Nogare, and Terry Barber these students are able to help restore Stivers Lagoon and learn more about the remarkable wildlife that makes this area unique.  As a result these students are able to demonstrate to the community that the areas are cared for and can help preserve the areas for future generations.