Irvington High School student projects about local waterways

Freshmen students at Irvington High are required to do a science and service based project that focuses on local community and environmental issues such as Laguna Creek, Tule Ponds at Tyson's Lagoon, Stivers Lagoon and Alameda Creek.  Students will recognize an environmental/community problem, such as pollution, and implement a positive change using teamwork and the scientific method.  The project is to help prepare students for the rest of their academic career using a subject that interests the students.  

The Math/Science Nucleus worked with over 80 students on different projects ranging from pH levels in Stivers Lagoon to salmon in Laguna Creek.  In order to use the equipment  these students needed to attend a training session to familiarize themselves with the different tests available for their projects.  We also helped students narrow down their topics from broad to specific.  We saw some groups almost every week and others only once, but the students that used the Nucleus as a reference got a first hand look at local issues and how local agencies help implement different projects.

The following pictures are a sample of the different projects that the Nucleus had the privilege to assist.  These groups showed that they were very dedicated to finding the proper method for solving their problem and did not just work with the Math/Science Nucleus but also worked with City of Fremont Park Rangers, Alameda County Water District, California Fish and Game and other major agencies.  

Allison Ligh, Rina Menta, Lydia Nguyen, and Chris Lay (not pictured) worked on cleaning the Tule Ponds at Tyson's Lagoon.  Their project looked at water quality and also the habitat of the lagoons.  They looked at the types of wildlife in and around the lagoon and could tell the influx of water during storm events.
These Students worked on finding the best fishing spots around Lake Elizabeth.  Not only did they go out fishing but they also tested the water quality to see what might cause a difference in the catch.  They were also a helpful group during the Laguna Creek restoration days.   
Mathew Skelton, Eric Morris, Alex Broom, and Katherine Seese (not pictured).  These students worked on the importance of the pH of Laguna Creek and helped with the restoration
Chuck Durham, Mike Grewal, Michael Jones, Hasan Mishergi, and Chris Smith worked on the "Pollution of Stivers Lagoon."  They picked up trash in the Lagoon and tested the water, the results from the trash pick up revealed that there was over 9 pounds of garbage per week in the lagoon.  The solution: place a few garbage cans in the area so that people will not litter. (Thanks for the picture)
Umang Patel, Eric Yoshimura, Scott Miller, and Curtis Takeda worked on helping the Steelhead trout in Laguna Creek.  They tested the water and helped clean up the area on many occasions.